SPECIAL EVENTS serviceton railway station ~ national ghost hunting day ~ halloween
serviceton railway station paranormal investigation

September 9

8pm - 11pm

Bookings Essential

1300 865 800

*All bookings assume that FAQ and Terms & Conditions have been read

Possibly Australia's most haunted railway station. No longer used, this time capsule is a reminder to the time of great Victorian steam travel.


Built on what was believed at the time to be the border of Victoria and South Australia, you won't believe what is hidden inside. Both states had different rail gauges so passengers had to disembark go though customs before boarding a new train.


Rarely investigated this largest building is a labyrinth of rooms over three levels.  From a Dining Hall, Ballroom, Accomodations, Hotel, Morgue and Police Cells where convicts were chained to the wall.


Do you have what it takes to explore this location....


We recommend to stay in Kaniva, Vic or Bordertown, SA





Duration:  3 Hours


Tour starts at Serviceton Railway Station

Railway Street, Serviceton


Please note Serviceton is located on the Victorian/South Australian border (437 km from Melbourne and 294 km from Adelaide)


This tour is strictly 18 years and over*



national ghost hunting day

October 1

1 - 3pm

Geelong Gaol & Castlemaine Gaol

Bookings Essential

1300 865 800

*All bookings assume that FAQ and Terms & Conditions have been read

Join the Twisted History team at two locations for the annual National Ghost Hunting Day 2017 - Geelong Gaol and Castlemaine Gaol


Timed to coincide with up to 70 teams worldwide simultaneously, we will be streaming live to Paranormal Headquarters aboard the Queen Mary in California, USA.


The theme for the World's Largest Ghost Hunt this year is historical preservation and as such, proceeds from ticket sales will be donated back to each location to be used in the maintenance of these fantastic old buildings we are privileged to investigate.


This is an investigation with a difference given that it takes place during the day!  But we will still be trying to answer the question does the paranormal truly exist using a range of paranormal equipment.


This is your opportunity to join us!






Duration:  2 Hours


Tour starts at either:


Geelong Gaol                OR

202 Myers Street,

Geelong VIC 3220





Castlemaine Gaol

36-48 Bowden Street, Castlemaine VIC 3450

haunted halloween zombie fright night!

October 28

8pm; 9pm; 10pm

Bookings Essential

1300 865 800

*All bookings assume that FAQ and Terms & Conditions have been read

Do you have what it takes to survive 45 minutes of a Zombie attack in the Old Geelong Gaol.


Join the Twisted History team at the Geelong Gaol this Halloween on Sat 28th October for a 45 minute fright night you will not soon forget. This tour will take you to the creepiest and must terrifying parts of the gaol. But we can't guarantee to keep the zombies away. From the Gaol hospital to the morgue you will be guided by the Victorian Zombie Immobilisation Team who are working on an antidote to save humanity. Zombies brains, intestines, eye balls and creepy crawlies. Will you be brave enough to explore the dark?


Do you have what it takes to survive ......


Extend the night with a midnight paranormal investigation!






Duration:  45 minutes


Tour starts at

Victorian Zombie Immobilization Centre

(aka Old Geelong Gaol)

202 Myers Street

Geelong VIC 3220