Convict died in Geelong gaol after 72 years sentenced

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1904   The Argus News Paper reported on this day, “Australia has another record to place to its list. Frederick Clarke died in a Geelong gaol last week. Born in 1829, he had been sentenced to terms aggregating 72 years and six months.  

Who Shot Richard Knight?

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1913 At the Lilydale Court on this day in 1913, the Coroner returned a verdict of murder against, somebody unknown in connection with the death of Richard Knight, who was found shot through the head. Although Detectives Arthur and Keily have questioned hundreds of people and traversed many miles of […]

Sea monster reported North of Australia

On this day …….. 18th September 1876 Reports have abounded of sightings of sea monsters for thousands of years. Usually such sightings involve only a small number of witnesses. However, occasionally such creatures have been seen by large numbers of people. On 18 September 1876, the ‘Straits Times Overland Journal’ ran an editorial, reporting on […]

Lunatic in pyjamas breaks into house – Ararat

On this day …….. 18th September 1954 After escaping from Ararat Mental Hospital, clothed only in his pyjamas, broke into a house where a woman was alone with her children, in the early hours of the 18th of September 1954. Many shift workers in the Ararat area were afraid to leave their families alone at […]

Lunatic escaped – Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum

On this day …….. 18th September 1874 A man whose Iname is unknown, and who it is believed is a lunatic escaped from the Yarra Bend Asylum, has been frightening women and children at Hawthorn and the neighbourhood by going about enveloped in a sheet and personating a ghost. One young girl named Brookfield, a […]

Lunatic on the run for 7 days – Beechworth

On this day …….. 18th September 1868 Jacob Jobbles was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum to the Beechworth Asylum on the 23rd of November 1867. Jobbles escape on the 18th of September 1868, he was on the run for 7 days.  

Spring Creek Diggings Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1854 When gold was first discovered in Beechworth in 1852, John Edward Cox was one of the first to arrive and set up business. He quickly became well known in the Spring Creek Digging as a reliable and trusted gentleman. With his business growing almost overnight with more and more […]

Murder of Mrs Aldous

ON THIS DAY…… 17th September 1919 A sensation was caused in Johnston street, Abbotsford, this evening, when Mrs Agnes Aldous, wife of Mr James Aldous, licensee of the Yarra Hotel, was pursued along the street by a man and shot dead in a room at the rear of a shop into which she fled for […]

Lunatic Eliza Brown escapes – Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum

On this day …….. 17th September 1859   An unfortunate woman, Eliza Brown, who was discovered at Footscray in a destitute condition, was brought up on the 17th of September 1859, at the Williamstown Police Court, and found to be a lunatic, escaped from the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum.  

Murder of Lue Tuck

On This Day – September 17, 1902 The inquest on the body of the Chinese market-gardener, Lue Tuck, who was found lying dead on the floor of his hut at Hopetoun, on September 17, was concluded on Saturday, Benjamin Patterson Jones, who is supposed to have been concerned in the the death, being present. The jury, after […]

Australia’s first paddlesteamer – Lady Augusta – arrives in Swan Hill from Goolwa

On this day …….. 17th September 1853 In 1828-29, Captain Charles Sturt became the first explorer to follow the course of the Murray River down to its mouth at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. In doing so, he opened up the possibilities for a new means of transporting goods and passengers through inland NSW to […]

Threatened Suicide

ON THIS DAY…… 17th September 1902 A young man named John O’Brien, 28 years, on this day in 1902 threatened if he were not locked up he would commit suicide, and he was placed in the watch- house on a charge of vagrancy, and given a month’s imprisonment. O’Brien appears to be in the last […]