Paranormal Investgation Tonight

Have you ever wanted to search for your own evidence that paranormal truly exists? We have a small number of places on a 9.30pm investigation tonight. Why not join us behind the walls of the Old Geelong Gaol with one of our experienced investigators, as they guide you to the “hotspots”. On this tour you […]

Twisted Facts – Vampire

In 1970, a group of people were arrested at Highgate cemetery, London for intent to harm…a vampire! The vampire is rumored to still be around today.

Twisted Facts – Ouija Board

Prisoners in a California jail were so spooked by a Ouija board experience that they made the prison’s Priests cast out the demons. The convicts had summoned up spirits, including a woman who told them how she was murdered.

Offspring Season 6

Exciting News for Offspring fans, season 6 is almost here! Tonight Nina and the gang where back filming at the Proudman family house, at 86 Delbridge Street, North Fitzroy.

Execution of Ptolemy and Bobby

EXECUTION ON THIS DAY………….30th April 1847 EXECUTION TWO ABORIGINALS The sad penalty of the law was carried into effect upon Ptolemy and Bobby, the two unfortunate Murray blacks, convicted as the principals in the lamentable murder of the late Mr. Andrew Beveridge, jun. As we stated in our last, ever since the announcement of their […]

Death Sentence For Murder Of Crippled Wife

ON THIS DAY – April 30, 1950 NORTH MELBOURNE Five hours after retirement, a Criminal Court jury found James Raymond O’Keefe, 58, barrister, guilty of the murder of his crippled wife at their home in North Melbourne on this day in 1950. Mr. Justice Gavan Duffy sentenced O’Keefe to death. He said he would pass […]

Mother and Son

On this day …….. 30th April 1933 Mrs George Deaton was playing golf at Sydney’s La Perouse course on this day in 1933 with her husband and daughter when she was hit in the left eye by a stray golf ball. Mrs Deaton was wearing. Glasses at the time and a pieces of broken glass […]

A Fortnight at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 30th April 1867 On this day in 1867, William Lane, was taken into custody by a policeman, and when on his way to the Geelong watch house he was followed by a large crowd of men and boys, who, it was said, would probably have rescued the lad if the apprehending […]

Melbourne gets Electric Trains

On this day …….. 30th April 1919 At the Richmond station, on an island platform, a hundred or so schoolchildren looked wonderingly at the train which came on without an engine on this day in 1919. Melbourne successfully completed its first electric train trials on the Sandringham-Flinders Street line.  

Child in a Tank

ON THIS DAY ……. 30th April 1919 WARRACKNABEAL In the Supreme Court at Ballarat, Honora Sheehy was charged with the murder of a male child at Warracknabeal on this day in 1919. She Pleaded not guilty. Evidence was given that on the afternoon of the 1st of May, the body of a child was found […]

Victoria Closes her Borders against Flu

On this day …….. 30th April 1919 New South Wales suffered half the deaths in the influenza epidemic, after worked war I. For a time, the Victorian government closed the border at Albury and other border towns. In Echuca, for example, visitors were forced to spend five day quarantine in the town. Women made gauze […]

Female Prisoners to Pentridge

On This Day ……. 29th April 1894 On this day in 1894, all the female prisoners from the Geelong were transferred to Pentridge prison. There was a reduction in the staff at the Geelong Gaol from the effected through the option by the Penal department of new arrangements in regard to the disposal of female […]