The Mansfield Murder

ON THIS DAY – April 2, 1899 MANSFIELD There has been a startling development In connection with the murder of the old man Butler, whose body was found in a bag at Mansfield, Victoria. The detectives arrested the daughter of deceased, Anastasia Butler, who was stated to have given her father a five-pound note on […]

Opening of Bridge at Beechworth

On This Day……… 2nd April 1874 April the 2nd of 1874 was a busy day in Beechworth. At the completion of the water turn on in the centre of the town, the crowd moved to the site of the new stone bridge being built to replace the old one connecting Beechworth with Newtown, and proceeded […]

Collapse of a Building

ON THIS DAY – April 2, 1925 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. THREE PERSONS COMMITTED. On the 2nd of April, a four storied building which was being erected for the British Australasian Tobacco Company collapsed and four workmen were killed. The coroner, after an exhaustive inquiry, committed George . A. Royal (clerk of works), William Robert Astley […]

Fresh Water at Beechworth

On This Day……… 2nd April 1874 After years of enduring water supplies which worked intermittently, or not at all, Beechworth in North East Victoria rejoiced on this day in 1874 when Victoria’s Solicitor General, G.B Kerferd, opened the valve and released water held in storage at Lake Kerford in the hills above the town. The […]

Sale of Goat

On This Day……… 2nd April 1805 A fine goat with a cart and harness was sold in Sydney, New South Wales, on this day in 1805 for £8. The same morning it had drawn ten bushels of wheat, around 270kg, from Prospect Hill to the wharf at Parramatta 8kms away. The sale of the remarkable […]

Inspection of the Gaol

On This Day ……. 2nd April 1853 His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, accompanied by Captain Fyans and another gentleman, paid a visit of inspection to the jetties in Geelong. He also inspected the new gaol and quarters, and other public buildings during the day. It was reported that he would hand over to the Corporation £4000 […]

The Death of Rose Summers

ON THIS DAY – 2nd April 1891 COLLINGWOOD What appeared to be a brutal murder was committed Collingwood. About 230am a man named John Finnigan, 20 years old, cigar maker, was seen walking down Langridge-street with a young woman, known as Rose Summers. Both were slightly under the influence of liquor, They went into a […]

Bullets in the Fire

On This Day……… 2nd April 1911 A young boy aged 12 years, residing with his parent in Euroa was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1911, suffering from injuries to his hand and log. The lad throw a bullets into the fire in the kitchen of the house to see what would […]

Defence of a Woman

ON THIS DAY – April 2, 1936 BENDIGO SHOT FIRED – MURDER CHARGE FAILS. In the Bendigo Supreme Court, Harry White, 55, labourer, was charged with the murder of William Chandler (40), labourer, who died in the Bendigo Hospital on the 2nd of April, as the result of a bullet wound in the stomach. Evidence […]

Two Tigers and a Mandrill

On This Day……… 2nd April 1945 A police force equipped with, rifles was called out at 3am on the 2nd of April 1945, to fight two tigers and a mandrill (a large sized; monkey) which escaped from their cages 21 miles from Inverell. The animals belonged to Perry Bros.’ Circus, and the cages were smashed […]