Railway Employees in the Dock

ON THIS DAY ……. 3rd April 1909 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. Two employees of the Victorian Railway, named William Harry, a driver, and David Thomas, a fireman, were placed on their trial in Geelong on a charge of manslaughter. The case arose out of the death of James Boxell, a gatekeeper, who was killed by an […]

K2 EMF Detector

Paranormal Investigating with the K2 EMF Detector We use the K2 as one of our most popular devices whilst Ghost Hunting to detect any Electro Magnetic Field that may be present, and the varied range of detection tells us how strong the field range is or its intensity. Once turned on the green light will […]

Remand for Assault

On This Day ……. 3rd April 1911 Patrick Crowe, the stoker on the HMS Psyche, who was on remand in the Geelong Gaol for having assaulted William Ray, was sentenced to three months imprisonment, at Geelong Gaol.  

Her Baby Poisoned

ON THIS DAY…….. 3th April 1915 MELBOURNE MOTHER COMMITTED FOR MURDER After holding an enquiry at the morgue into the death at the Children’s Hospital, on this day in 1915, of George Lonsdale, who was two weeks old. The coroner returned a finding that the child died from poisoning, a certain preparation having been administered […]

The Sunbury Boiler Explosion

On This Day……… 3rd April 1884 There was great excitement in Sunbury on this day in 1884, when the goods train from Melbourne exploded. The train left the Melbourne terminus at 2am, and made it as far as Sunbury when the boiler of the engine burst with a terrific explosion, killing the fireman instantaneously and […]

Built to Last

On This Day……… 3rd April 1929 With a good deal of apprehension, Wangaratta’s new overhead water tank was filled for the first time on this day in 1929. The reason for the apprehension was that the one it was to replace had suffered a dramatic collapse almost 4 days years to the day. The worry […]