Mad Dog Morgan Killed

On this day ……. 9th April 1865 John Fuller aka Daniel Morgan aka Mad Dog Morgan was born in 1830 and was killed by police on this day in 1865. He was an Australian bushranger from North East Victoria and Southern NSW. After he killed a trooper in July 1864, the Government put a £1,000 […]

Prime Minister John Watson

On This Day……… 9th April 1867 John Christian Watson, 3rd Prime Minister of Australia was born on this day. He was the first prime minister from the Australian Labour Party, and the first prime minister from the labour movement in the world. He was of Chilean birth, with German and New Zealand ancestry. Previously serving […]

Wagon Accident

On This Day……… 9th April 1919 Rochester Steve O’Brien met with a painful accident on this day in 1910. Whilst standing by a wagon the horse moved, and the wheel passed over his right foot, the toes of which were cut off.    

Bushranger Killed

On This Day……… 9th April 1865 The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan was shot on this day in 1865, at a homestead at Peechelba. He layed wounded for a number of hours with out medical attention, before dying at 2:15pm. His body was taken to the woolshed, and placed on public display. Photographers from Beechworth and […]

Raining Jellyfish

On This Day……… 9th April 1912 From across the Tasman came the following account from a Balclutha correspondent as retold in Hobart’s Daily Post on 9 April 1912. “A somewhat remarkable phenomenon was observed. “An easterly rain fell more or less heavily all the afternoon, and just about midday there was an extra heavy downpour […]

Fire Mystery

On This Day……… 9th April 1950 Smoke rising from a smouldering doily in a Kalgoorlie Hotel, Western Australia, on the 9th April 1950 solved a month long mystery. Doilies were being continually replaced in one room because of burn marks, and the rooms long term occupant, a male non smoker, was nevertheless admonished for carelessly […]

Ballarat Explosion

On This Day……… 9th April 1855 On this day in 1855, at about 9am the boiler of a steam engine, on the road leading from Bakery Hill towards the bridge in Ballarat, burst with a loud explosion. Numerous parties of men were at work all round it, and yet, strange to say, in every instance […]

Knocked Down and Died

ON THIS DAY ……. 9th April 1927 Neville Currey, aged 29 years, manufacturing chemist, was charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of William Charles Lyte on this day in 1927. Evidence was given that Currey was driving a car at Malvern when he knocked down and killed Lyte, who was 60 years of […]

Died in Goal Hospital

On This Day……… 9th April 1907 Melbourne Gaol On this day in 1907, Addison Beverage, an elderly woman was locked up in the Central Melbourne Gaol, on a charge of drunkenness. As she became ill, she was removed to the Gaol hospital, where she died.