Last Execution at Old Melbourne Gaol

ON THIS DAY………..14th of April 1924 ANGUS MURRAY Angus Murray was last to be executed in old Melbourne Gaol, a bank robber and murderer, in 1924. After the Melbourne prison closed, the hanging beam and the hangings were taken to Pentridge Prison, in what’s now a suburb of Melbourne. The beam came back to Old […]

Motorist Committed for Trial

ON THIS DAY ……. 14th April 1923 NORTH FITZROY After an enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of James H. Foggie, who was killed by a motor car at North Fitzroy on this day in 1923. The City Coroner committed Matthew Curtin, the driver of the car, for trial on a charge of manslaughter. […]

Concealment of Birth

ON THIS DAY ……. 14th April 1918 MELBOURNE Doris Bland, a young woman, was tried for the murder of her infant by cutting its throat at the Victoria Coffee Palace on this day in 1918. The jury acquitted her of murder but convicted her of concealment of birth. She was ordered to be imprisoned until […]

McNamara’s Execution

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 14th April 1902 Albert Edward McNamara, was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol On the 5th of January 1902, Albert Edward McNamara took his wife and children for a long walk, and when they returned he gave his wife some gin and then she and the children went to bed. McNamara […]

Lady Franklin Visits

On this day …….. 14th of April 1839 On this day in 1839, Benalla saw their first female visitor. Lady Franklin, wife of the Tasmanian Governor stayed over night on the banks of the Broken River. They camped near the half completed police post, which was being set up to offer some protection to travellers […]

Wahgunyah Paddle Steamer

On this day …….. 14th of April 1866 The Wahgunyah paddle steamer was built for John Foord specifically for the river trade along the Murray’s upper reaches between Echuca and Albury. The boat was 70ft long, with timber planking over an iron frame. Durable red gum was used for the bottom, and oregon for the […]