Death of “The Russian”

ON THIS DAY …….. 15th of April 2003 Nik Radev, known as “The Russian”, was killed in Queen St Coburg on the 15th of April. The known drug dealer and standover man was shot seven times in the head and chest as he sat in his Mercedes-Benz coupĂ©. Victoria Police told The Age that they […]

Pensioner Killed – Accused Admits Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – April 15, 1931 CARLYLE Charged in the Supreme Court at Wangaratta on this day in 1931, with the murder of Andrew Alexander Laidlaw, (aged 62 years), invalid pensioner, at Carlyle, near Rutherglen, on April 15, Francis William Longmore, labourer, pleaded not guilty. Later counsel announced that Longmore would plead guilty to […]

Execution of Oldring

EXECUTION THIS DAY – April 15, 1918 ARTHUR GEOFFREY OLDRING THE TRAW0OL MUBDER. The execution took place in Melbourne on April! 15 of Arthur Geoffrey Oldring, who vas convicted of having murdered Margaret Taylor and Rose Taylor, her daughter, at Trawool, on or about November 11, 1917. Death was instantaneous. The Under-Secretary has received a […]

Seal Attack

On this day …….. 15th of April 1948 A seal attacked a Great Dane dog which disturbed it in high seaweed on Grange beach, Adelaide on this day in 1948. Mrs. A. C. Philcox, of Seaview road, Grange, was strolling along the beach with the dog when, she saw the seal about 100 yards from […]


On this day …….. 15th of April 1912 Donald Samuel Campbell, was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1887. While living in London applied for a job with the White Star Liners. As a Crew member on the Titanic one of 891, he worked as a third-class clerk, (food provision). Campbell had experience and had travelled […]

Titanic Victim

On this day …….. 15th of April 1912 Arthur McCrae, was born in Adelaide in 1880, and was educated at Sydney Grammar School and Sydney University, before coming a Mining engineer. He was a keen geologist and travelled the world, working in mines in West Africa and Siberia. He boarded the Titanic en-route to Canada […]

Severed Foot

On this day …….. 15th of April 1908 Whilst watching his brother cutting wood at Buffalo, Gippsland on this day in 1908, William Beckham, four years of age, was struck on the foot by the axe. He was brought to the Melbourne Hospital suffering from a severe cut on the right foot.

Patient Set on Fire

On this day …….. 15th of April 1912 A strange accident happened to a patient in No. 13 ward of the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1912, in which Mrs. Phoebe Bochstein 70 years of age had her head slightly burned. Mrs Bochstein was brought to hospital in poor health, and it was deemed […]