Murderer Will Not Hang

On This Day – April 16, 1964 The State Executive Council commuted to prison terms today the death sentences imposed last year on two convicted murderers. Robert Frederick Millsom. 35, had his death sentence commuted to imprisonment for 25 years. He must serve 20 years before becoming eligible for parole. Millsom was convicted on November […]

Widower on Murder Charge

On This Day – April 16, 1947 As a Sequel to the shooting In the Treasury Gardens on April 16, when a woman was fatally injured, a 50-year-old widower, Henry Jenkins, of Bond street, Ivanhoe, was charged at the City Watchhouse with the murder of Ruth Grant (38), of Cooma Street, Preston. Jenkins had been […]

Colac Tragedy – Wylie Committed for Trial

On this Day – April 16, 1929 Further enquiries were made today, at Colac by the Coroner regarding the murder of Andrew James Christensen, aged 54, on April 16. Walter Wylie, aged 52, a well known Western District trotting handicapper, was present in custody, charged with the murder of Christensen. The police said that witnesses […]

Hazardous Materials Unit

On this day …….. 17th of April 2006 On the 17th of April 2006 three people shopping at a green grocer in Marrickville, Sydney, were overcome by what was thought was a gas leak. The entireuilding was then evacuated. Out of 50 people, 16 were taken to hospital suffering headaches and nausea. Firefights spent hours […]

Opening of Convent

On this day …….. 17th of April 1904 On this day in 1904, more than 2000 people gathered to watch the Bishop of Sandhurst bless and lay memorial stone the new Beechworth convent. It was one of Beechworth’s grandest buildings with over half and million bricks.  

Ned Kelly’s Bones

On this day …….. 17th of April 1929 After the closure of the Old Melbourne Gaol in Russell st, the bodies of the condemned were exhumed and reinterred at Pentridge Prison. There was great excitement in Melbourne when Ned Kelly’s body was discovered in 1924. On this day in 1929, Ned Kelly’s bones were returned […]

Opening Train Line

On this day …….. 16th of April 1872 The North Eastern railway was opened in Seymour on this in 1872. Two of the passengers sitting side by side on the first train were two men who had been on board the first foyer wheeled vehicle to make the pioneering trip to Beechworth gold fields in […]

A Centenarian

On this day …….. 16th of April 1892 Mrs. Rebecca Spurting, who lives at Hawthorn, completed her hundredth year. She was born at Curston Hall, Norfolk, on April 15, 1792, while she and her family arrived in Victoria in 1848. Her father lived to within three months of the same age. Mrs. Spurling has had […]

First White Lady

On this day …….. 16th of April 1839 Lady Franklin, wife of the Tasmanian Governor, passed though the area that would later be known as Wangaratta on this day in 1839. Lady Franklin was travelling over lady between Melbourne and Sydney, becoming the first white lady to do so. Her party spent the night at […]