Qantas First International Flight

On This Day – April 17, 1935 From 26 February 1935 Qantas’ elegant, four-engine DH86 aircraft, now bearing the initials RMA (Royal Mail Aircraft), took over the Darwin-Singapore sector of the route. On 17 April that year Qantas operated its first overseas passenger flight from Brisbane to Singapore, a four-day trip. The first overseas passenger […]

Charged with Murder at Mount Martha

ON THIS DAY – April 17, 1945 Youth on Trial An admission that he had shot Thomas Clarke because he had looked a bit nervous was the allegation made by the Crown in the Criminal Court yesterday, when Kevin Albert Joiner, 18, of McCormac place, Melbourne, appeared before Mr Justice Lowe and a jury on […]

Murderer Hanged

EXECUTED THIS DAY …… 17th APRIL 1939 George Green, aged 30, chimney sweep, was hanged at the Pentridge Gaol on this day in 1939, for the murder of Annie Wiseman, 63, and her niece, Phyllis Wiseman, 17, in Glenroy. Green was unattended at the scaffold and, beyond denying the report that he had committed the […]

Larrikins at the Mistletoe Hotel, Melbourne

Larrikins attack It was reported to the police on the 17th April 1875, by Charles Wright, of the Mistletoe Hotel, Mackenzie-street, Melbourne, that at about a quarter past 6 that evening, five larrikins called at the hotel, and demanded admittance, with a view to obtaining drink, but being refused, they kicked and battered the door, […]