Tours This Weekend

Anzac Day Weekend We have Ghost and Investigation tours running over the entire Anzac Day weekend!  Join us behind the walls of the most intact Victorian 19th century prison, the Geelong Gaol,  to hear the stories of those who once lived behind these walls …… and who perhaps are still with us! Or if finding […]

A Fatal Fight

ON THIS DAY – April 22, 1912 MELBOURNE On the 22nd of April 1912, Thomas Nugent, aged 73 years, died in Melbourne Hospital from injuries sustained from a fall in Bourke-street, the result of a blow struck by another man during a fight. At the inquiry the Coroner recorded a verdict of manslaughter against a […]

Execution of James Ross

On This Day ……. 22nd April 1856 This criminal suffered the penalty of his crimes on this day in 1856, at 8am. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act which abolishes the old mode of public execution, the affair was witnessed by certain officials only, to see that the sentence was duly carried out. An […]

Robbery with Violence

On This Day ……. 22nd April 1870 William Henry Ailsop, convicted of robbery with violence on an old man at Sandridge, was sent to Geelong Gaol for five years with hard labour.  

Acquitted of Murder

On This Day ……. 22nd April 1870 Mary Ann Pinch, convicted of concealment of birth, but acquitted of murder, had nothing to say for herself. Bearing in mind the recommendation of the jury. His Honour sent her to four months in the Geelong Gaol.  

Selling Ones Coffin

On this day …….. 22nd of April 1906 On this day in 1906, the unique spectacle of a man selling his own coffin at auction entertained a crowd of people in Wangaratta, Victoria. J.R Wood from Milawa put up his coffin for sale because he was leaving the area. He was a carpenter by trade […]

Arm Torn from Body

On this day …….. 22nd April 1938 Desmond Thomas, aged 14 years, had the a limb torn from his body, while working at Zwars Tannery in Beechworth on this day in 1938. The boy was caught in shafting when his arm became entangled and ripped from his body. Thomas is employed as an improver at […]