Blackwood Cemetery 1877

Join us this coming Tuesday (July 5) night at 6pm at the historic Blackwood Hotel for dinner, cemetery tour and and investigation of one of the most haunted hotels in Victoria!  Booking can be made by calling 1300865800 But as for the Blackwood Cemetery ….  this is a letter to the editor from 1877 highlighting […]

School Holiday Ghost Tours

Previously known as the “Prison of the Ill”, the Geelong Gaol has been the site of many deaths over its history.  Do some of those spirits perhaps still linger behind the walls? Why not join us on a Ghost Tour of the Geelong Gaol with your kids this school holidays to find out! Bring the […]

St Kilda Murder – Detectives Still at Work

ON THIS DAY – June 30, 1906 On Saturday, Detective Burvett took charge of the investigations into the murder of Patrick O’Rourke who died in the Alfred Hospital on June 30 from injuries received at St Kilda on the night of June 23. Burvett made three visits to St Kilda on Saturday, and carefully went […]

Beginning of the White Australia Policy

On this day …….. 30th of June 1861 The present-day town of Young in the central west of New South Wales began as a gold-mining settlement known as Lambing Flat. At the height of its popularity, the rich alluvial gold deposits attracted a population of around 20 000. While most of the diggers were from […]

New Colony of South Australia

On this day …….. 30th of June 1834 Explorer Matthew Flinders was the first European to investigate the possibilities for settlement on South Australia’s coast, doing so in 1802. The exploration of Charles Sturt to chart the Murray River was a further catalyst to the establishment of a colony on the southern coast. Consequently, the […]

A Prisoner From Camperdown

On This Day ……. 30th June 1910 A man named Alexander Dickson, who had made himself a general nuisance in the Camperdown district, was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment on a charge of insulting behaviour. Dickson had been drinking to excess, and was in a terribly muddled state when arrested. The sentence was imposed largely […]

Murder of Daughter in Law

ON THIS DAY – June 30, 1942 Threat To Kill At Party . An amazing story of how a threat to kill a woman was made during the progress of a euchre party was related at the inquest today into the death of Aaron Cephas Gardiner (64) and daughter-in-law, Dorothy Adelaide Gardiner who lived at […]

The First Australian Transcontinental Motor Car Journey

On this day …….. 30th of June 1908 Australia’s love affair with the car as a means of travelling the continent’s huge distances began with the first transcontinental motor car trip. Engineer Horace Hooper Murrag Aunger was born on 28 April 1878 at Narridy, near Clare, South Australia. He collaborated with cycle maker Vivian Lewis […]

First Australian City Switch to Digital Television

On this day …….. 30th of June 2010 Digital television is a new innovation of the twenty-first century which involves the sending and receiving of moving images and sound by digital signals. This is different to the previously used analogue television signals which had been in use since the invention of television. The advantage of […]

Chinese Sent to Gaol

On This Day ……. 29th June 1911 On this day in 1911, Ah Loy, a Chinese, who resided in Geelong appeared on remand at the City Court on a charge of having in his position four tins opium. Ah Loy was sentenced to Geelong Gaol.

Juvenile Discipline

On this day …….. 29th of June 1918 A group of boys ruefully returned to their homes in Wangaratta after spending 10 days in detention in Melbourne. They were members of the local Cadet Company. Thirteen of them had been ordered to Swan Island, Queenschiff, Victoria, for ten days discipline. The boys complained that the […]