Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public

ON THIS DAY…… 30th November 1878 Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public Australia’s national anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair was composed by Scottish-born composer Peter Dodds McCormick, who arrived in Sydney in 1855, taking up a position as a public school teacher in New South Wales. McCormick was heavily involved in the […]


On This Day – November 29, 1946 A young returned soldier who is alleged to have chased and threatened to kill his former fiancee with a Japanese Samurai sword, was committed for trial in the Fourth District Court yesterday.  Charles Francis Wright (22) docker and painter. Spencer St., West Melbourne, was charged with having entered […]

Murder of a Child

ON THIS DAY – November 29, 1930 Dr. David Rosenberg, a well-known practitioner at Richmond, appeared at the Criminal Court on Friday, before the Chief Justice, having been committed from the Coroner’s Court on a charge of manslaughter, arising out of the death of a child, 5 1/2 years of age, named Ruby May Clementine […]

Australian Prime Ministered Egged

ON THIS DAY…… 29th November 1917 Australian Prime hit by Egg – starts Commonwealth Police force Arrest those men, constable! – Prime Minister William Morris Hughes, was in Warwick, Queensland on this day in 1917, when he was hit by an egg. When the policemen refused to arrest him on the grounds that he was […]

Australian Prime Minister launches first Holden

ON THIS DAY…… 29th November 1948 Australian Prime minister Ben Chifley launches the first mass-produced Australian car – the Holden FX “Made in Australia, For Australia”. These are the words spoken by Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley when he launched the Holden FX on 29 November 1948. The real name of the Holden FX is […]

On This Day – November 28, 1898

CHILD MURDER An inquest on the body of the five months old child, who died from a dose of spirits of salts, administered by its mother, Ellen McNabb, was formally opened today. The latter was present in custody, charged with murder.

Drops Murder Charge

On This Day – November 28, 1947 Following the finding by Coroner Burke, PM, yesterday that Joseph Patrick Turner, 29, of Abbotsford, had acted in self-defence because he feared he was in danger of serious bodily harm, police in the City Court today withdrew the charge against Turner of having murdered George Edward Barrett, alias […]

Aged 106

ON THIS DAY…… 28th November 1918 Aged 106 After reaching the extreme age of 106 years Mr. William Smith died in the Old Colonists’ Home, North Fitzroy, on this day in 1918. Born in Devonshire in 1812, he came to Australia when 21 as a botanist with the expedition to explore the country west of […]

Death of Dick Hart – Kelly Gang

ON THIS DAY…… 28th November 1934 Death of Dick Hart – Kelly gang One of the most important players in the Kelly drama died on this day in 1934. Dick Hart was Steve Hart’s brother. It was he who took charge of the bodies of Steve Hart and Dan Kelly after fire at the Glenrown […]


On This Day – November 27, 1890 A revolting murder is reported as having occurred at Mount Riddle, three miles from Healesville, where the naked trunk of a man has been discovered, slightly covered with earth and boughs. It was found beside the bank forming a waterhole in a paddock belonging to Mr. Steel, J.P. […]

Murder Charges Dropped

On This Day – November 27, 1947 Charges against Thomas Gerald Buckley, 40, of Droop st, Footscray, and Clarence Gordon McGlynn, 38, of Moore st, Footscray, of having murdered Malcolm Appleby at Footscray on November 27, were struck out in the City Court yesterday. An open finding was recorded at the inquest on Monday.

The haunted barn

ON THIS DAY…… 27th November 1937 RELEASED The State Censor has decided to remove the ban on the exhibition of the Australian film, “The Haunted Barn.” Holding that it was liable to frighten children between the ages of six and 16, the censor previously directed it not to be exhibited to children between these ages.