Alleged Child Murder

On This Day – December 31, 1912 The mystery concerning the body of a child at Lake Guthridge on December 31 was cleared up today when Sergeant Neill and Constable McCorkell arrested a young woman, aged 23 years, named Violet Daisy Jane Elizabeth Guy at the Turf Hotel this morning on a charge of wilful […]


On This Day – December 31, 1869 The wrecks which occur on the coastof Victoria are, unfortunately, not of a kind to make any “patent” of much value. Masters of ships overrun their reckoning, or approach the coast incautiously without having had proper observations, or are embayed and caught by in-shore currents not laid down […]

Strange Twins

On this day …….. 31st of December 1923 On this day in Vienna, twins were registered as having been born in different years. The first was born on December 31st, 1892 the second on 1st January 1893. A curious result is that, as they both happened to be boys, they will have to do their […]


ON THIS DAY – December 31, 1914 Inquiries into the death of Lucy Gorman, who was found dead in her bedroom at Johnson street, Richmond on Thursday afternoon, were continued yesterday by Detectives Kiely and Smythe, and from what has been learned it is believed that the tragedy was the result of a drunken brawl early in the […]

Prisoner Transfer

ON THIS DAY……31st December 1904 The Penal department transferred five prisoners from the Melbourne gaols to the Geelong gaol, to complete their sentences. Contrary to tho general rule, they were not all of the halt, lame or blind brigade and a larger escort of three constables was, therefore, required.  


On this day …….. 31st of December 1790 The First Fleet, containing the officers and convicts who would first settle Australia, arrived in Botany Bay on the 18th of January 1788. The colony’s Governor, Captain Arthur Phillip, immediately determined that there was insufficient fresh water, an absence of usable timber, poor quality soil and no […]

Enquiry into Collision

On This Day – December 30, 1881 The Navigation Board commenccd an enquiry into the collision of the Julia Percy and Nelson, steamers, off Cape Otway, on Saturday last. The evidence showed that the night was fine and clear and the vessels lights distinctly seen.

The Margaret Thompson

On This Day – December 30, 1864 The brig Margaret Thompson, from Newcastle, N.S.W., to Adelaide, passed Cape Otway to-day.


On this day …….. 30th of December 1934 A strong trouser belt saved a boy from falling beneath the wheels of a fast moving tram on this day in 1934. Jumping on the tram in George Street West, Sydney, the youngster slipped and fell on the coupling ripped through his trousers and caught his belt. […]


On this day …….. 30th of December 1949 Three men escaped from Ballarat gaol at three o’clock on this day in 1949, by climbing through a smell window in the gaol kitchen. The inmates are James Bretherton, labourer, Leslie Francis Carson, Labourer, and Sydney William Best. It is believed that the men joined blankets together […]

The Sandhurst Murder

ON THIS DAY – December 30, 1877 A most horrible murder happened in Sandhurst on this day in 1877, by a man named James Windrum, in High-street. The victim was Maud Crutchly, aged 25. It appeared that the woman was married, but at times cohabiting with Windrum and his daughter when her husband was away […]