Killed by Lightning

On this day …….. 31st of January 1953 Keith Murray Hoyes, 27, a married man living with his wife on his father’s dairy form of Cooma, near Kyabram, was killed by lightning on this day in 1953. When a severe thunderstorm struck the district at about 4.30 p.m., Hayes, who had been doing irrigating work, […]

Dead Man’s Identity

ON THIS DAY – January 31, 1931 Relatives or any person knowing the identity of the man who died on January 31 in a lodging-house in Palmer street, Fitzroy, were asked to communicate with Senior Detective Bell or Detective McKenna at police headquarters. It is alleged that the man died after having been struck by […]

Goanna Kills Wombat!

On this day …….. 31st of January 1932 A story of a remarkable combat between a goanna and a wombat is related by eye-witnesses who were on a holidaying at Kangaroo Valley. The fight commenced on a hill side, and the goanna gradually worked the wombat to a hole in a creek at the bottom […]

Tale Told by Old Local

On this day …… 31st January 1935 I don’t know whether this tale they tell of Michael Conlon is true, but I rather hope it is. Lured from the Otway by reports of gold finds in Western Australia in the early 1890’s, Conlon and two friends prospected arid country with indifferent success. After a couple […]

Death of Oliver

ON THIS DAY…… 31st January 1934 On this day in 1934, Prisoner Archibald Oliver, aged 71 years, died in the hospital ward. The death was reported to the deputy coroner.    

A Mad Carpenter

ON THIS DAY – January 31, 1906 Francis Vernon Lichfield, a carpenter, whose mind had been affected for sometime, suddenly became demented, and tried to shoot his wife and son with a revolver. Mrs. Lichfield rushed him and took the weapon away, but Lichfield produced another, and his wife and son ran away. The husband […]

Last Men to be Sentenced to Death in Victoria

On This Day – January 31, 1971 Christopher Lowery and Charles King, were charged with the brutal murder of a 15 year old school girl, Rosalyn Nolte, in Hamilton, Western Victoria. On this day in 1971, Lowery and King were driving down Gray Street, Hamilton’s main street, in Lowery’s Holden panel van, when they stopped […]

Murder By Robbery

On This Day – January 31, 1937 Rupert Osborne Davies aged 28, store man, and William John Cody aged 24, labourer, were sentenced to death for the murder of James Edward Scriven, a Titles Office messenger. Scriven who was shot on the 31st of January, 1930, when escorting a clerk who was taking money to […]

First Town Clock

On this day …….. 31st of January 1798 Governor John Hunter was Governor of New South Wales from 1795 to 1800. Present on the First Fleet, and instrumental in the development of the colonies in both Sydney and Norfolk Island, Hunter succeeded Australia’s first Governor, Arthur Phillip on the 11th of September 1795. Hunter experienced […]

Murdered Police Officer

ON THIS DAY – January 30, 1952 William O’Meally, 28, labourer, was charged at the City Court with having murdered Constable George Howell, 26, at Caulfield on the 30th of January. On the night in question, Constable George Howell rode his police bicycle to the Crystal Palace Theatre, Dandenong Road, Caulfield. He had been assigned […]

An Insane Husband

ON THIS DAY – January 30, 1990 An 81-year-old Melbourne man who suffered delusions that he was to be put in a nursing home pleaded guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court to murdering his wife of 55 years. Prosecutor Michael Hugh-Jones said James Lambie stabbed his 72-year-old wife, Rita, numerous times with a kitchen knife […]

Exorcism at Antwerp

On This Day – January 30, 1993 A shocking exorcist took place this day in 1993, at a Antwerp pig farm in Western Victoria. Leanne Reichenbach and David Klingner, were convicted of the manslaughter of Mrs Vollmer. Her husband Ralph was also convicted of recklessly causing her injury and false imprisonment and the self-proclaimed exorcist, […]