Narrow Escape From Death

On this day ………… 3rd March 1913 A horse, which was being ridden along Arthur’s Creek road on this day in 1913 by Mr. Street, an orchardist, became unmanageable, and bolted. It attempted to jump Hurst bridge, which spans Diamond Creek, Melbourne, and in doing so, threw his rider over the bridge onto the bank […]

Murder of Girl

ON THIS DAY – March 3, 1953 SOUTH MELBOURNE Lionel Richard Lee was interviewed by police for the murder of Betty Iva Leighton Jones, aged 28. Jones was shot at South Melbourne on the 3rd of March 1953.    

Japanese Bombing of Broome

On this day ………… 3rd March 1942 The town of Broome, Western Australia was attacked by Japanese fighter planes on 3 March 1942, during World War II. At least 88 people were killed. Although Broome was a small pearling port at the time, it was also a refuelling point for aircraft, on the route between […]

Town fire

On this day ………… 3rd March 1870 In the early hours of the morning on this day in 1870, the great fire of Chiltern began. Flames were noticed in the store of Mr JH Ferrier and alarm was raised. Within three quarters of an hour, the whole block of buildings was alight, from McLeans Corner […]

Arrest of Agostini

ON THIS DAY – March 3, 1944 “Pyjama Girl” Case Echo Deportation Order Against Agostini Antonio Agostini, husband of the “pyjama girl,” has appealed to the Minister for Migration (Mr. Calwell) against an order for his deportation to Italy. In 1944, after a 10-year police search in 87 countries, Agostini was sentenced to six years […]

Bank Managers Death

On this day ………… 3rd March 1904 On this day in 1904, a gentleman riding on the dummy of a tram (bumper bar) in Richmond fell on the track, and was picked up in an unconscious condition. He was removed to the Melbourne Hospital, where he had several fits, and on being admitted to the […]

Child Killed at Mildura

On this day ………… 3rd March 1913 Merbein Lowe a 3 year old girl, the first child born in the Merebein settlement, was knocked down at home by a buggy on this day in 1913. The wheel passed over deceased’s chest severing her head, death was instantaneously. The father and mother were laid up very […]

Prison of the Ill

On This Day – 3rd March 1855 George Coward, colonial assistant surgeon, stated on this day in 1854, that he found the Geelong Gaol (known as Victoria’s Prison of the ill) had considerable difficulty in treating diseases, either mental or bodily, from the want of hospital accommodation. Prisoners, whether of sound or unsound mind, are […]

Doctor to Stand Trial on Murder Charge.

ON THIS DAY – March 3, 1934 ROSEDALE An inquiry into the death of Catherine Sarah Henrietta Worthington a married woman, aged 37, died on the 3rd of March 1934 through haemorrhage, caused by an illegal operation. Dr. Arthur Macarthur Lanphier, of Rosedale, was committed for trial at the Supreme Court, Melbourne, on the 16th […]