Fighting Hill Massacre

Massacre on this day …………. 8th of March 1840 On this day in 1840, the Whyte brothers, who had arrived in the western district of Victoria, in 1837, were involved in the massacre of an estimated 30 Aboriginal people, (although later statements put the number of dead as high as 69). An understanding of this […]

Congregational Minister Sent to Gaol

On this day ………… 8th March 1926 There was great excitement in Wodonga on this day in 1926 when the Rev. William Dawson the Congregational Minister, had been taken to Gaol in Beechworth. All over the matter of Principle….. The Rev. Had refused to pay a fine imposed on him by the court for riding […]

A Fatal Mistake

ON THIS DAY ……….. March 8, 1898 CLIFTON HILL Dr. S. J. Williams, died on this day in 1898, from the effects of an injection of atropine, dispensed to him in mistake for cocaine by James Christopher, chemist, of Clifton Hill. James William Christopher, was guilty of manslaughter. He was committed for trial.    

Prime Minister Car Accident

On this day ………… 8th March 1993 Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was sent last to hospital for observation, after a car accident on this day in 1993. Police said Mr Fraser, also suffering from shock, was in a satisfactory condition in Hamilton Hospital in western Victoria. Mr Fraser’s chauffeur driven Commonwealth car crashed into […]

Around the World

On this day ………… 8th March 1934 On this day in 1934, Leonard Farwalker arrived at Wangaratta. Farwalker was riding his bicycle around the world, and had already travelled through North America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Siberia and China. Farwalker’s bicycle drew almost as much attention as the adventurous cyclist himself. Hanging on his bike was […]

Feeble Class Prisoners

On This Day – 8th March 1907 Four prisoners, of the usual vagrant and feeble class, were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1907 from Pentridge, and the police escort took back two female prisoners to Coburg. Since the Penal authorities transferred the matron from the gaol, it has been necessary to […]