Brodie’s Dilemma

On This Day – 10th March 1854 The Geelong gaol has been set apart for female prisoners, Governor Charles Brodie stated there is no means of separating the sane from the insane prisoners, for the want of accommodation. If I was to separate them, i.e., the sane from the insane, I should place at present […]

Executions of Chu-A-Luk and William Twiggem

EXECUTION THIS DAY – March 10, 1857 MELBOURNE At 8am, the condemned criminals, William Twiggem and Chu-a-luk, a Chinese, underwent the last sentence of the law in the Melbourne gaol. Twiggem, it will be recollected, was the accomplice of the notorious Gipsy Smith, in the murder of Sergeant McNally, and was sworn to on the […]

Cousin Sent for Trial

ON THIS DAY ……… March 10, 1934 HAMILTON Arising out of an altercation between James Alexander Hearne, aged 47 years, and his cousin, Daniel Bourke, aged 55 years, had an altercation on the 10th of march 1934. The fight happened on the Digby road, about a mile out of Hamilton, where Hearne was stabbed near […]

A Relic of Waterloo

On this day ………… 10th March 1891 Before the days of motion pictures, the next best thing was cyclorama, a huge mural of some particular gripping episode in history which surrounded the viewer. By 1891, the gramophone had arrived on the entertainment scene and for added realism, recordings of sound effects could be played. Thus […]

Alleged Murder

ON THIS DAY – March 10, 1900 KYNETON The trial has been commenced in the Criminal Court of Ronald Kennedy, who is charged with the wilful murder of Sarah McLennan, at Kyneton, on the 10th of March 1900. The accused was a brother of the deceased.    

The Execution of Long Poy

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……… March 10, 1866 CASTLEMAINE At 10am on the 10th of March 1866, at the Castlemaine Gaol, a Chinaman named Long Poy, was executed for murder. Before the execution, the Rev Mr Allnutt attended the criminal, with James Ah Coy, interpreter of Castlemaine. Long Poy was deeply affected and resigned to his […]

Man Found Dead with Dislocated Neck

ON THIS DAY ……….. March 10, 1933 WARRACKNABEAL After a hearing lasting 16 hours, the inquest at Warracknabeal into the death of Herbert George Toner aged 32, who was found dead on the 10th of March 1933. Toner was found lying on the foot path with his neck dislocated, but there were no external wounds, […]

Voted Out of Office

On this day ………… 10th March 1971 Sir John Grey Gorton was the 19th Prime Minister of Australia, from the 10th of January 1968 till the 10th of March 1971. Concerns about his leadership led to a Party Room vote on this day. Votes for and against him were equally divided but he used his […]

A Strange Affair at MacDonnell Bay

On this day ………… 10th March 1879 An ‘extraordinary supernatural occurrence’ took place on the coast north of Port MacDonnell in 1879 and created a great sensation. Walter and William Carrison had been at work for some little time obtaining oil from a stranded whale. A few days later they were out shooting and did […]

Convict George Ash

On This Day – 10th March 1868 Convict George Ash was charged at the Geelong Gaol with Assault of a fallow prisoner Stewart and was sentenced to 24 hours on bread and water by the Governor.