Transfer of Paterson

On This Day – 11th March 1908 It was decided on this day in 1908, that some important changes in the Penal Department with the transfer of Mr. R. Paterson, governor of the Geelong gaol, to a post in the Melbourne gaol. Mr. Furnell, governor of the Beechworth gaol, succeed him in Geelong.    

Samuel Wright, was executed in the Castlemaine gaol

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 11th of March 1873 On the morning of the 2nd of August 1872, Arthur Hagan, a digger living in a hut at Dead Horse Flat, heard a woman screaming “murder” and went down to where he heard the screams – about 100 yards away form his hut. He saw Samuel […]

Fire in Chiltern

On this day ………… 11th March 1872 Unlike many fires in the North East of Victoria which seemed to happen on a Saturday night, this Chiltern fire happened on a Monday night. At 2am the fire began in an unoccupied building, in almost the same part of the town as the fire two years earlier. […]

Insolence to Matron

On This Day – 11th March 1862 Convict Ellen Donovan was charged at the Geelong Gaol with Insolence to the Matron and was sentenced to 24 hours solitary confinement by The Gaoler.    

Charge of Misconduct

On This Day – 11th March 1858 Convict John Sullivan was charged at Geelong gaol, with misconduct by The Gaoler and sentenced to 6 days solitary confinement by The Gaoler.    

Death of De Facto Wife

ON THIS DAY ……….. 11th of March 1948 CAULFIELD BARMAN GETS SEVEN YEARS Reginald Gilford Mann aged 52, barman, of Caulfield was sentenced to seven, years gaol by Justice Martin, for the manslaughter of his de facto wife. Mann was acquitted on a capital charge of having murdered Mrs. Isobel Davis aged 40, also known […]

Prime Minister Hurt at Tennis

On this day ………… 11th March 1936 Joseph Lyons, 10th Prime Minister of Australia was pain fully hurt in a tennis accident at the Lodge, on this day in 1936. When reaching for a high ball, Lyons strained a tendon in his left leg. Next day, however, he was able to hobble to his office […]