Death by Onion

On this day ………… 14th March 1864 A very melancholy accident occurred on this day in 1864 to the infant child of John Williams, a shepherd at Digby, western district of Victoria It appears that the little fellow had been roasting onions at the hut fire and carrying them outside to eat them; it is […]

Dejected Labourer’s Deed

ON THIS DAY ………. 14th March 1913 FITZROY The Coroner held an enquiry into the tragedy which occurred in George street, Fitzroy, on this day in 1913. Walter Edgar Erfurth, a labourer aged 23 years, killed Ada Doalman, aged 21, and wounded her baby, before shooting himself. William Lawrence, who lived at the same house […]

Execution of the Frankston Murderer

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……….. 14th March 1877 WILLIAM HASTINGS THE FRANKSTON MURDER. William Hastings was charged with the murder of his wife at Frankston on the 1st of December 1877. Eliza Hastings, a girl about 16 years of age, the daughter of the prisoner, gave evidence that her father had had criminal intercourse with her […]

Maliciously Firing Grass

On This Day – 14th March 1865 Alfred Felstead, a very respectable-looking and well-dressed young man, who lives at Moonee Ponds, was charged by Mr. Robert Chirnside with wilfully and maliciously setting fire in the grass on the station of Mr. Thomas Chirnside at Werrlbee, on the 27th of February causing damage to the amount […]

Wife’s Throat Cut, Butcher for Trial

ON THIS DAY ………… 14th March 1933 BRUNSWICK The body of Grace Weston, aged 31, was found in a bedroom of her home on this day in 1933, with her throat cut. John McKenzie Weston, a butcher of Brunswick, was committed for trial by the Coroner, for the murder of his wife. The police alleged […]

Run Over by Own Car

On this day ………… 14th March 1915 Mr. T. G. Turton, aged 61 years, from Hawthorn, was killed in Union street, Windsor, on this day in 1915, as a result of being run over by his own motor car. Turton, accompanied by his wife, went to the Melbourne Bowling Club’s green at “Windsor in order […]

Serious Cycling Accident

On this day ………… 14th March 1905 Miss Elsie Mollenhaner, aged 16, residing at Norwood Hill, Castelmaine, Victoria met with a serious cycling accident on this day in 1905. When travelling past Fitzgerald’s Brewery, at Winter’s Flat, at a good rate of speed, a young chinaman named Louey Shang, who was riding in the opposite […]

Crocodile in Wardrobe

On this day ………… 14th March 1935 Margaret Bignall, opened her wardrobe on this day in 1935 and found a 30cm baby crocodile inside. Her parents had a plantation in the Solomon Islands and had brought a crocodile egg with them when they went to Sydney on holidays. They thought it would be a nice […]

Moyhu UFO

On This Day – March 14, 1978 At 10pm on this night in 1978, an eerie light was observed from Moyhu, in the direction of Greta, North East Victoria. It had the appearance of a glowing round object, waxing and waning in brightness. People who witnessed the phenomenon, saw the light changed shape, became increasing […]