Accident at Coldstream

On this day ………… 15th March 1899 A sad accident happened on this day in 1899, to Mr Harry Smedley. Mr Smedley, who has been working for Mr Gillies, timber contractor, decided to go to Gippsland with the other employees of Mr Gillies. A number of men set out on a large wagon drawn by […]

Constable Shot at Pyramid Hill

ON THIS DAY……… 15th March 1920 PYRAMID HILL A CONSTABLE SHOT. Constable G. H. Taylor, was shot in the stomach at Pyramid Hill, on this day in 1920. Taylor died at 1.30 am, on the 20th of March 1920 at a private hospital. The shooting occurred while the policeman was walking to the local lock-up […]

Deadly Jinker

ON THIS DAY ……… 15th March 1907 FITZROY CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. On this day in 1907, Henry Pickett died from injuries received while cycling, in a collision with a horse draw vehicle driven by James Howie in Nicholson-street, Fitzroy. At the inquest it was found that James Howie was at fault, and he was charged […]

Bank Officer Shot

On this day ………… 15th March 1909 Mr. John Phillips Kelly, ledger keeper at the National Bank, Bairnsdale, accidentally shot himself just before 10am on this day in 1909. Whilst walking into the strong-room the bank revolver, fired. Bank staff rushing rushed in and found Mr. Kelly lying on the floor with a bullet wound […]

Escape from Geelong Gaol

On this day ………… 15th March 1930 William Hartwell 30 years of age and a prisoner at the Geelong Gaol, Victoria, made an attempt to escape on the this day in 1930. While a warder’s attention was diverted Hartwell managed to climb over the wall and make a run for freedom but was recaptured before […]

Child Killed by Woman Driver

ON THIS DAY ……… 15th March 1921 HAWKSBURN CHILD KILLED BY MOTOR CAR – WOMAN DRIVER COMMITTED. The Coroner, Dr. Cole, after an inquiry into the death of Gladys Jean Whiteside, aged 7 years, died as a result of injuries received owing to being knocked down by a motor car in Hawksburn on this day […]

Serious Mining Accident at Stawell

On this day ………… 15th March 1881 A sad accident happened on this day in 1881, at the A 1 Perthshire Company’s claim, Stawell, Victoria to a tributor named John Bevan. Bevan was working at the face of the reef, 12 feet thick, getting away stone from the headwall. For this purpose two shots were […]