Asked to be Hanged

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1953 After being sentenced to death for murder in the Criminal Court on this day in 1953, James Robert Walker age 43, told Justice Duffy that he wished to be hanged. However, with a Labour Government in office the sentence will be commuted. Walker was found guilty of having […]

Insubordinate Ladies

On This Day – 17th March 1855 Convict Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Bennett and Sarah Cane were charged at the Geelong Gaol with insubordination and sentenced to one month added to original sentence by the Visiting Justice.  

Child Died of Injuries

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1926 KILLED BY A MOTOR CAR The City Coroner, Mr. D. Berriman, committed for trial Assis Dihood on a charge of the manslaughter of Kathleen Booth, aged 4 1/2 years. The evidence presented, to the Coroner was that the child, in company with her mother, was knocked down by […]

Lucky Prospector

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1909 Ballarat Daniel Bernard, a prospector, on this day in 1910, unearthed a nugget weighing 128oz. from the bed of the creek at Pennyweight Flat, Ballarat East. The nugget is worth over £520. ($57,324.93 in today’s money). This was the most notable find in alluvial ground since the famous […]

A Friendly Disturbance

On This Day – 17th March 1891 William Wallis, aged 25 years, William Selbourne, aged 22 years, and Thomas Wallis, aged 19 years, were each charged with having been drunk and disorderly, and with having behaved in an insulting manner in the street. The evidence adduced showed that on the 17th the prisoners, who had […]

Fall Over Horse

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1909 Yackandandah A regrettable accident happened at the Yackandandah show, North East Victoria, on this day in 1909. Mr. Whelan, the private secretary to the Minister for Mines, who was in attendance, asked to be allowed to mount a horse owned by Mr. Nolan, of Glenrowan. When mounting he […]

Shark Attack at Brighton Beach

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1926 On March 17, 1926 Mrs Primrose Whyte was killed while swimming near the jetty at Brighton Beach, South Australia. The shark was believed most likely to have been a Great White shark. Mrs Whyte had been a children’s swimming instructor and was memorialized with the erection of a […]

Murder at Swan Hill – Suicide Too

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1927 THE Swan Hill police are mystified by the strange double tragedy that occurred on the evening of the 17th at Murraydale, six miles from the town. A man named Williams pursued his sister-in-Iaw Mrs. Jack McLean, with a gun, and shot her dead in front of her own […]