Dumosa Murder Scene

ON THIS DAY……. 18th March 1939 CYCLIST HAD MEETING At Dumosa Murder Scene Detectives disclosed that a cyclist, who is believed to be the unidentified victim of the Dumosa murder, told a farmer in the district that he had an appointment to meet a companion at Morrison’s hut on the Calder Highway on this day […]

Larceny at St. Mary’s Church Presbytery

On This Day – 18th March 1897 A man named George Fine was charged with having stolen a clock and a pair of boots valued at £1 9s, the property of Richard Casey, a groom employed at the Presbytery of St. Mary’s Church, Geelong. The prosecutor deposed that on the 13th of March, whilst he […]

Fear of Talk Led to Tragedy

ON THIS DAY ……. 18th March 1953 Florence O’Gorman aged 34, of Thomastown, was committed for trial for the murder of her son on this day in 1953. The body was found wrapped in a newspaper on a vacant allotment at Thomastown. In an alleged statement to police, O’Gorman said she struck the child three […]

Brisbane in the Dark

ON THIS DAY ……… 18th March 2001 On this day in 2001 most of Brisbane, Queensland was left without power when a frog shorted out a conductor at Rosewood Substation.  

Killed on the Pier

ON THIS DAY ……. 18th March 1908 Dr. Cole, City Coroner, delivered a verdict on the death of Sarah Matilda Jatho, who was killed by an engine on this day in 1908, on the Port Melbourne pier. The verdict was – Death by misadventure. “I am of opinion,” added Dr. Cole, “that the crossing at […]

William Harrison Executed

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 18th March 1889 William Harrison murdered John Duggan, on the 30th of May 1888, by dealing him two tremendous blows with an axe which smashed his skull in. A sum of money and bank receipts of £670 were stolen from Duggan’s hut. Harrison stood trial at the Criminal Sittings of […]

Death Sentence Imposed

ON THIS DAY …… 18th March 1943 Norman Morris Searle aged 25, of Burnley, was found guilty in the Criminal Court of the murder of Senior Constable Frederick Jones on this day in 1943. The jury made a strong recommendation for mercy. The Chief Justice, Sir Frederick Mann, pronounced the death sentence, and told the […]

Cow Racing

ON THIS DAY ……… 18th March 1812 Australians love a good race, and on this day in 1812 the town of Windsor in New South Wales staged a cow race. As the inhabitants looked on two cows ridden by their owners were raced though the centre of the town. The outcome was decided halfway though […]