Woman Acquitted on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY ……. 19th March 1938 CARRUM Isabella Johansen aged 53, of Wells parade, Carrum, was acquitted by a Criminal Court jury of a charge of having murdered Henry Richard King aged 35, of Carrum on this day in 1938. She was also acquitted of a charge of manslaughter. The Crown alleged that King […]

Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge

ON THIS DAY ……… 19th March 1932 After six years’ construction, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened on Saturday, March 19, 1932. Captain Francis De Groot, a member of the proto-fascist New Guard organisation, preempted the bridge’s official opening, riding up on horseback and slashing the ribbon with his sword. De Groot was dragged from […]

Level Crossing Accident at Chelsea

ON THIS DAY ……… 19th March 1913 A sensational accident has occurred at a level railway crossing. William Page, a vegetable hawker, aged sixty five, was crossing the line near Chelsea station, Victoria when his waggonette was crashed into by a train. He was killed instantly.    

Knox Executed

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 19th of March 1894 Ernest Knox, aged 21 was executed in Old Melbourne gaol In the early morning hours of 12 January 1894, two burglars entered the house of Mr. Michael Crawcour, a pawnbroker and financial agent, in Nelson Place, Williamstown. Mr. Crawcour was alarmed by electric burglar alarms in […]

Fatal Accident at Castlemaine

ON THIS DAY ……… 19th March 1889 A fatal accident occurred to an aged and unknown swagman on this day in 1889 at Golden Point, Chewton. He was wandering about the locality, and fell into a hole 14 feet deep, his neck being broken. The body was discovered shortly after the occurrence, and was removed […]

A Careless Swagman

On This Day – 19th March 1890 A swagman named George Fittes was proceeded against for the careless use of fire at Dean’s Marsh on the 10th of March. Evidence was given by Mounted-constable M’Kenzie to the effect that on the date named the defendant, lit a fire in a grass paddock, near the hotel […]