The Fitzroy Explosion

ON THIS DAY ……. 26th March 1910 John William Crabtree, a grocer who’s premises were destroyed by an explosion on this day in 1910. Crabtree was taken to the Melbourne Hospital where he died. During the inquest to his death, Crabtree was found to be an escaped prison. In 1885, Crabtree had been sentenced to […]

Suspicious Death

ON THIS DAY …….. 26th March 1911 Thomas Hill, aged 72 years, an inmate of the Benevolent Asylum at North Melbourne, died on this day in 1911, under peculiar circumstances. He complained to Nurse Moroney that he was not well, and about three tablespoonful of rum in water were given to him. Subsequently he became […]

Execution of William Jones

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 26th of March 1900 William Robert Jones, aged under 40 was executed at Old Melbourne gaol The charred and mutilated body of eight-year-old Olive Rita Lillian Jones was discovered at Broadford on the 28th of December 1899. She had been raped, strangled, and her skull was smashed to pulp. Rita […]

Murder of John Price

ON THIS DAY ……… 26th of March 1857 On the 26th of March 1857, while investigating complaints by convicts employed on public works in Williamstown, Melbourne John Price was struck by missiles, knocked down and severely battered. He died next day, and following the inquest, fifteen convicts were tried for murder, seven being hanged. After […]

Trial of May McNeal

ON THIS DAY ……….. 26th of March 1930 Before Mr. Justice Lowe, in the Criminal Court of Melbourne the trial of May McNeal, a married woman, of Bennett Street, Richmond, began on a charge of murder. The charge against Mrs McNeal was that at Richmond on the 26th of March 1930 she murdered Margaret Jean […]

Breakin at Wartzski’s Shop

On This Day – 26th March 1890 At the sittings of the Geelong Supreme Court on this day in 1890, John Thompson and Edward Jones were charged with having broke into the shop of Isadora Wartzski, in Ryrie street, Geelong on the 24th. Both men stolon a quantity of jewellery valued at between £70 and […]

Trafalgar Body Snatching Horrifies Priest

ON THIS DAY – March 26, 1955 Father J. Daly, who returned on the 25th of March 1955, to Trafalgar from Melbourne, said he was horrified at the snatching of the body of his former housekeeper, 73-year-old Miss Catherine Counsel from her Trafalgar Cemetery grave. “This ls something you would have expected to happen about […]

Large Squads of Armed Police

ON THIS DAY ……. 26th March 1949 Robert Whyte Sparks, 40 years old lunatic who was described as being 5ft 9in high with long dark hair, sallow complexion, protruding eyes with a tooth missing from his upper jaw, and walks with a stoop, escaped on this day in 1949, at 4am. Sparks escaped from a […]