Infantile Paralysis Epidemic

On This Day – 27th March 1938 Restrictions placed on concert parties visiting the gaol because of the Infantile paralysis epidemic has been lifted, and the first concert for the year was given on Sunday, the 27th of March, when a party from Melbourne visited the gaol.  

Husband Murders in Wife Honour

ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1926 Arthur Abel Angove, employed as a groom at Glenloth Station, near Wycheproof, was found not guilty of the murder of James McDonald, a fellow employee, on the 27th of March and was discharged. It was alleged that following an altercation at the station on the morning of March […]

The Bombing of Russell Street

ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1986 On this day in 1986, the Russell Street Police Headquarters complex in Russell Street was a target of a bombing attack which would bring the Victorian Police Force and Melbourne to a stand still. The explosion was caused by a car bomb hidden in a stolen 1979 Holden […]

Message in a Bottle

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1941 In 1916 a soldier named Cowan sailed away to war on the transport ship Euripides. While it was at sea off the Victorian Coast, Cowan dropped a bottle over the side containing a letter addressed to a friend named Miss Madge Lush. On this day in 1941, Miss […]

Knocked Down by a Tricycle

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892 Bendigo On this day in 1892, Mrs. Gallon, who was in charge of the railway gates at Sebastian, Bendigo, Victoria was knocked down by a tricycle and sustained a dislocation of the hip.    

Man Committed for Trial

ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1938 WARRNAMBOOL After hearing evidence the coroner Mr. T. W. Hammond found the death of Edwin McKenzie, aged 18, farm hand, of Cudgee, died from injuries inflicted by a bottle thrown by Geoffrey Roy Wilson. Wilson was committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter at the Court of […]


ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1908 George Littleton, aged 19, whilst working at the Union Woollen Mills, Geelong on this day in 1908, was caught in the belting. His right upper arm was dragged in, and the bone being badly broken, with the flesh badly lacerated. Considering the manner in which the poor lad […]

Chinese Attacked

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1910 On this day in 1910, at 3am Leong Chang a young Chinese market gardener, while driving along St. KiIda Rd, Melbourne to market, was attacked by a young man. As he was passing the military barracks, the man jumped up into the cart and told him to stop […]

Two Deaths in Bakehouse

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1939 COLLINGWOOD Findings of murder and suicide were recorded by Acting City Coroner Mr. Mohr, at the inquest into Annie Forsey and John Forsey, who died in a shooting in a bakehouse in Collingwood on this day 1939. Kenneth Forsey, pastrycook, of Collingwood said while he was in bed […]

Monster Shark

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1812 A shark was killed off the North Head, Sydney on this day in 1812, the entire length of which measured about seventeen feet and a half. Across the shoulders it measured 21 inches with the mouth, when extended, formed a circle eighteen inches in diameter, which gives a […]

Miner Scalp

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892 A miner named Alfred Rogers, residing at Ironbark, whilst working in the stopos of the Golden Age mine at Bendigo Victoria on this day in 1892, sustained a painful injury. A slab came away accidentally and struck him on the head heavily. Dr. Thomas was called to the […]