With a Little Help from Friends

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1876 John O’Reilly wanted to annoy the English and so he hatched a plan to rescue Irish Convicts from Western Australia. For his plan, he organised for an American boat, the Catalpa, to sail to Western Australia to rescue Convicts. On March 29, 1876 the Catalpa arrived off Western […]

18th Prime Minister of Australia

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1900 Sir John McEwen was born in Chiltern, on this day in 1900. His father died in 1907 and consequently McEwen was raised by his grandmother with her sister. He was educated at state schools and at 15 became a junior public service clerk. He enlisted in the Army […]

Wanting to Die

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1934 F. W. Jackson, described as a soldier, who had recently returned from South Africa, was drinking in the Great Britain Hotel, Flinders street, when he created astonishment by asking those present, “‘Have you ever seen a man die?” At the same time he was mixing some white powder […]

The First Coca-Cola

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1886 Not Australian, but of interest. On this day in 1886, Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.    

Prime Minister in Swimming Accident

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1967 The 17th Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Harold Holt, arrived in Singapore on this day in 1967 with his left foot bandaged following a minor swimming accident. Mr Holt told guests at a Government dinner in his honour that he cut himself on rocks at Portsea, Victoria, during […]

Chinese Acquitted Of Murder

ON THIS DAY …… 29th March 1947 MELBOURNE Pleading that he acted in self-defence, Chang Gooh Kong aged 34, Chinese seaman, was acquitted in the Criminal Court of the murder of Douglas Vivian Alcock aged 21, labourer, of Brunswick St., Fitzroy, on this day in 1947.  

Sir Redmond Barry’s Painful Accident

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1875 A painful accident happened to his Honour Sir Redmond Barry (judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death) on this day in 1875. Barry was returning in his buggy to his farm at Nunawading, when his horse bolted in going down a hill, and upset the vehicle. Sir Redmond […]

Invalids Received

On This Day – 29th March 1912 Mr. Read Murphy. P.M., made his usual visit to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1912, and found no cause for complaint. Five prisoners of the invalid class were received from Pentridge while he was there.  

Court Held in Ambulance

ON THIS DAY …….. 29th March 1955 MYRTLEFORD An ambulance was used as a court, when Stanislaus Bartosz was remanded on a charge of murder. Bartosz a 40 year old Polish tobacco farmer. As the ambulance stood in the yard at Russell Street Police Headquarters, the Judge stood alongside it, and an interpreter relayed proceedings […]

Horrible Accident at Jam Works

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1917 A horrible accident happened on this day to a married woman, of East Prahran. While working at the Australian Jam Works, she would lose her footing and fall into a boiling pot of jam. On admission to the Alfred Hospital she was found to have burns to most […]

Vote for Prohibition

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1930 On this day in 1930, the people of North East Victoria, voted on a referendum to bring in Prohibition. The campaign up to the Poll was fought over a two month period, with a coalition of churches and temperance groups under the banner of The Victorian Prohibition League […]