Removed the stomach – GOROKE

ON THIS DAY……. 20th May 201905

In connection with the death of Mrs. William Tierney, which took place at a small settlement near Goroke, in the Horsham district, on this day in 1905, exhaustive inquiries have been made by the police. The facts of the case were as follows: During the morning of May 19, Mrs. Tierney, who lived with her husband at his farm at Gymbowen, complained of a feeling of weakness and the loss of the use of her legs. Not much importance was attached to the attack, as in a few hours, Mrs. Tierney was well again, and performed her household duties as usual. During the afternoon the same feeling came over her, this time accompanied by twitchings of the body. Her husband drove her to Dr R. K. Bird, of Natimuk, who examined her. When questioned by the doctor she stated that she had partaken of some tart for breakfast. Portions of the tart had a bitter taste, and the tea she had at that meal also had a bitter taste. The doctor suggested that some poison was in the tart and advised her not to eat anymore of it. Mrs. Tierney by this time had quite recovered, and with her husband drove home the following morning. In the evening Mr. Tierney killed a sheep, and his wife, who had been watching him, went towards the house, but when she had gone about 50 yards she collapsed. Her husband ran to her assistance, and she died in his arms. Miss Bertram, who was employed as a domestic servant in the Tierney family, also complained of feeling ill after breakfast, but after vomiting she recovered. Dr. Bird refused to give a certificate of death, and an inquiry was opened. Dr. Bird made a post-mortem examination of the body, and removed the stomach, with its contents, which were sent by the police to the Government Analyst. Deceased, who was 31 years of ago, was married on March 1 of that year. Prior to her marriage she was a teacher in the Educational Department, and was teaching at schools around Horsham for about five years. She was the daughter of Mr. John Meehan, of Happy Valley, near Ballarat. As a result of the inquiries Mary Bertram was arrested, charged with murder. Accused was housekeeper to Tierney before his marriage.