ON THIS DAY – July 9, 1927 CHARGE OF MURDER – Other Serious Offences Alleged Following the death of a young woman at the Women’s Hospital early yesterday morning, Mary Adeline Le Neve, aged 45 years home duties, of Wattletree road, Armadale, appeared later in the morning at the City Court charged with having murdered […]

Two Convicts Escape Ballarat Gaol

On This Day….. 9th July 1947 Two convicts break gaol, for only a brief hour of liberty was enjoyed by two prisoners who scaled the exercise yard wall of Ballarat Gaol and were later captured by a party of police near the Grant street bridge, over the Yarrawee Creek, about half a mile away. They were […]

New Governor

On This Day ……. 9th of July 1921 Sir. Bradley, formerly Governor of the Castlemaine Gaol, has been appointed Governor of the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1921 in succession to Sir. K. J. Burke, who has been promoted to the Deputy Governorship of Pentridge.  

Robbery and Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 9, 1944  MURDER CHARGE John Turnbull, 28, soldier, who is appearing before Mr. Justice Martin on a charge of murder, told the court to-day that when he struck Ernest Price, 32, with an axe he was acting in self-defence. It was alleged that Turnbull killed Price in a dark alley-way […]


ON THIS DAY – July 9, 1870 In Bailie-street, Hotham, for the last three or four years, there has been residing a fisherman, named Patrick Smith, a married man, with one child— aged fourteen years of age. Both husband and wife, since they have resided in the locality, have been addicted to drink, and continued […]

Ned Kelly’s Nemesis Gaoled

On this day …….. 9th of July 1894 A leading player from the Kelly drama of a decade earlier appeared in the Melbourne Court on this day in 1894. Alexander Fitzpatrick, the form police constable who had set off the Kelly outbreak in 1878, appeared to face charge of obtaining money by false pretences, by […]

Murder of Emily Yeomans

ON THIS DAY – JULY 9, 1873 Henry McKay was charged with the murder of his lover Emily Yeomans. McKay, who for some time had been working in Barnawartha, had returned to Hurdle Flat to visit Emily. That evening was spent at McKay’s aunt’s house. During the night, a dispute arose between the couple about […]

Australia’s Little ‘Titanic’ Missing with 211 Aboard

On this day …….. 9th of July 1909 Waratah, with 211 passengers and crew, left Adelaide on the 9th of July 1909. With 100 first class cabins and eight staterooms, she was the new pride of the Blue Anchor Line. She disappeared en route from Durban to Cape Town in a gale which whipped up […]

Tony Abbott saves children from a burning house

Tony Abbott the 28th Prime Minister of Australia during his student days, once saved a child who was swept out to sea. Another time, he helped save children from a burning house next to a pub where he was drinking. At the aged 26, he studied to become a Catholic priest.

Soliciting Arms in the Street

On This Day ……. 9th of July 1925 A young man named James Walker, alias Juries Lewis Welsh, who had been recently discharged from gaol after having served a sentence of six months for vagrancy, made his reappearance before the magistrates at the Geelong Police court on this day in 1925, on four charges. He […]