Prime Minister Descended from Convict

Kevin Rudd the 26th Prime Minister of Australia is a descendent of the youngest ever transported convict Mary Wade, who had over three hundred relatives when she died and is considered as one of Australia’s ‘matriarchs’. At the age of 15, Rudd wrote to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam asking for advice on how to become involved in […]

Cooley’s Confession

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ……………. 11th of July 1861 Henry Coolley, sentenced to death for the murder of his wife at Heathcote, was executed on the 11th inst., at the Central Gaol, Melbourne. On the previous night he made a full confession, a copy of which We append:—”Central Jail, Melbourne, “Wednesday evening, 10th July, 1861. […]

NASA fined by the Western Australia Government

On this day …….. 11th of July 1979 After the Skylab space station accidentally crashed into Western Australia during re-entry on this date in 1979, the Shire of Esperance fined NASA $400 for littering. The fine was finally paid in April 2009, when Californian radio host Scott Barley raised the funds from his Highway Radio […]


ON THIS DAY – July 11, 1936 WOMAN FOR TRIAL – Intent to Murder Charge  On a charge of having shot at Mrs J Florence Mackinlay at Clifton Hill, on July 11, with intent to murder, Emily Willmott, married, of Collingwood, to-day was committed for trial. Police evidence was to the effect thatn on the […]

Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum Escaped Lunatic – Daniel Reardon

On This Day …….. 11th July 1905 A man who first gave the name of Daniel Reardon, but after being arrested the police found his real name was Dillan Mackay, was before the Albary court on the 11th July 1905, on a charge of being of Unsound mind. When his name was called he stared […]

Ballarat Asylum Escape – LUNATIC’S AT LARGE

On This Day…….11th of July 1896 A lunatic named Geo. Stone, 50 years of age, escaped from the Windermere asylum in Ballarat, on the 11th of a July 1896, and entering a tram car in the botanic gardens where he rode into the city. Constable Patterson apprehended Stone, who kicked the policeman and tore the […]


ON THIS DAY – July 11, 1915 William Tucker, a corporal in the expeditionary forces, was charged at the Seymour sessions to-day with having on July 11 at Seymour feloniously killed Thomas Darcy. The evidence was that Tucker and Darcy had been drinking together. and that Tucker pushed Darcy away from him. Darcy fell on […]


On this day …….. 11th of July 1931 On this day in 1931 while playing a round of golf at Rose Bay, Sydney, Mr. D.J Bayly MacArthur stepped into a bunker and began to sink. He shouted for help and was rescued by the time he had sunk up to his armpits. He had stepped […]

Sydney Linked to Melbourne by Phone

On this day …….. 11th of July 1907 On this day in 1907, Sydney was linked to Melbourne by phone. In the words of the paper, “People can converse directly with the words as they fall from their lips picked up and instantly transmitted the whole six hundred miles on the wings of harnessed lightning”. […]