The Adventures of Gerry Gee – TV SHOW

The Adventures of Gerry Gee was the idea by director Denzil Howson to give the children’s audience a more realistic feel of Gerry being a living moving boy. In these story lines Gerry was seen driving Puffing Billy Steam Train, flying a real aeroplane and other clever story line. This was accomplished by using a […]

Prime Minister moves out of Parents house at 32

John Howard the 25th Prime Minister of Australia is the only Liberal Party Prime Minister to have been educated in a state school. Howard also lived at his parents’ home until he was 32 years old.

Harmless Class

On This Day ……. 15th of July 1911 Five prisoners from Melbourne penal establishments were received on transfer to the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1911. They were all of the harmless class usually sent to Geelong to recuperate.  

Around the World with Gerry Gee – TV SHOW

Around the World with Gerry Gee was the idea by director Denzil Howson and Ron Blasket ventriloquist in 1962. The idea was to film a show around Gerry Gee travel adventure around the would filming in Singapore, Italy and England. Denzil Howson got sponsorship assistance of Air India, the Australian Department of Trade, and Tarax, which […]

Record Snowfall

On this day …….. 15th of July 1966 On this day in 1966, Wangaratta experienced a snowfall of alpine proportions. The snow started falling in the morning, and by lunch time the town looked like English Christmas cards.


ON THIS DAY – July 15, 1908 MURDER AND SUICIDE. The inquiry into the death of Charles Groves and Mary Walkington, who died from poison on July 15, at Toorak, was concluded on Saturday at the Morgue by the coroner (Dr. Cole).  Little fresh light was thrown upon the particulars already published. A conjecture tinged […]

Woman Acquitted of Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 15, 1945 The jury returned a verdict of not guilty when Mrs. Ruby Nina Carlos, 56, of Myrtle-street, South Yarra, a widow, was charged with the murder of Corporal Vera Matilda Wiper. W.A.A.A.F., 23, of Adelaide. A previous jury had failed to agree on the verdict. Corporal Wiper’s body, was […]

‘Date’ on Murder Night, Police say

ON THIS DAY – July 15, 1954 BERYL JEAN BALDWIN, 40, alleged to have been murdered by her husband at St. Arnaud on July 15, had an appointment with another man on the night she died, Snr.-Detective Jack Ralph Ford told the City Court yesterday. He was giving evidence against John Henry Baldwin, 35, mill […]

Gerry Gee – Australia’s most famous puppet

Gerry Gee, is a ventriloquist puppet who teamed up in 1956 with Ron Blaskett, only four days before GTV9’s (Channel 9) first live test broadcast from Mt Dandenong. Gerry was imported from the US at a cost £200 and was named after the station. Ron, his wife Merle (also a ventriloquist) and Gerry are the […]