Blind Convict

On This Day ……. 17th of July 1923 A blind man named Columbine was sent to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1923, to awaiting trial. He was to have been tried, at Ballarat the previous week, but the case had been adjourned till August 18. Columbine,who is said to have been a league […]

Almost Killed

On this day …….. 17th of July 1937 Leo Dickson and his son in law Geoff Douglass were fishing under a cliff face on the north headland of Whale Beach, north of Sydney, on the 17th of July 1937. Because the fish weren’t biting, they moved to a rock 10 meters father North. A few […]

First Society of Cartoonists

On this day …….. 17th of July 1924 A cartoon is a drawing that makes a satirical, witty, or humorous point. On 17 July 1924, the world’s first society of cartoonists, the Black and White Artists’ Society, was formed in Sydney.  


On This Day……..17th July 1946 Scores of people on the main platform at Spencer Street Railway Station in Melbourne and hundreds of others going to work early saw a warder firing shots at an escaping prisoner. The man had jumped from a train as it was leaving the station. He was chased for 250 yards […]

Food Leads to Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 17, 1946 TAILOR CHARGED WITH MURDER The Coroner (Mr Marwick) . at the inquest today into the death oF Philip Elmore Johnson, 65, labourer, near Mornington on July 12 committed Trevor McKenzie, tailor, of Melbourne, for trial on a charge of murder. Johnson’s body was found under a sheet of […]

Prime Minister Almost Killed in Elevator Accident

Alfred Deakin the 2nd Prime Minister of Australia was almost killed in lift accident in 1887. Melbourne became the fourth city in the world to build power hydraulic lifts. When directors of the Australian Provincial Assurance Association (including future Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin), inspected the hydraulic lift in the new APA building on the […]

Shortest Term of Imprisonment in Australia

On this day …….. 17th of July 1919 The shortest term of imprisonment ever handed down by an Australian court was made on the 17th July1919 in Melbourne, when 23 year old George Williams was charged with marrying a minor without written parental consent, and his wife, 17 year old Emily, was accused with making […]