Dog Fights with Shark

On this day …….. 20th of July 1938 In 1938, a dog from the town of Queenscliffe, Victoria, became a local celebrity after he won a fight to the death with a thresher shark. On July 20, a brown cattle dog owned by a packer from the Fisherman’s Union, spotted the shark from a pier […]

Kate Kelly’s Bed

After the bushranger Ned Kelly’s sister Kate drowned at Forbes NSW in 1898, historians grabbed her most treasured possession – her bed. Kate is said to have enjoyed sleeping and now visitors to a museum at Mount Victoria in NSW can stand at the foot of the bed and dream of those wild bushranger days…….. […]

Born in 1783

On this day …….. 20th of July 1889 On the 20th of July 1889, Mr. Lewis Lewis passed away at the residence of his son, Mr. F. B. Lewis, in Mollison-street, Abbottsford at the great age of 106 years. Mr. Lewis was born on the 6th of October, 1783, at Rochester, in Kent, England. He […]


ON THIS DAY – July 20, 1915 CHARGE OF MURDER. At the Sale Police Court Samuel Smith was charged with murdering John Duffy at Genoa, Gippsland, on July 20. It was alleged that at a recruiting meeting a dispute arose, Duffy receiving a gunshot wound from which he died a few days later. Smith received […]

Lost Football through train window

During an Football match in Brighton, in Victoria in the early 1920s, Arthur Hando, who later played for South Melbourne, products a mighty kick which sent the ball high out of the ground and straight in through the open window of a passing train. It was never returned, despite frequent checks with the Lost Property […]

Smallest church in Australia

Saint Nicholas Church original site was approximately 2km north of Henton Cottage on Old Coast Road. An interesting reminder of the early days is the historic Church of Saint Nicholas. Built by James Narroway in 1840’s circa as a small workman’s hut where he lived with his wife Sarah. Later in 1848, it was used […]

Judge Wasley

On This Day ……. 20th of July 1923 There was considerable surprise in Geelong on this day in 1923, when it was learned that a well-known citizen had been committed to Geelong Gaol by Judge Wasley, for having disobeyed an order of the Court. He had been ordered by the Court to file cash books […]

Shrewd Chief – New Zealand

Maori chief Hone Heke made a small fortune in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands before William Hobson’s appointment as Lieutenant Governor in 1840. For every whaling ship or trading ship entering a particular bay, Hone Heke levied a tax £10. He also lease wives for sailors during their stay.  

Accused Murderer Only Sixteen

ON THIS DAY – July 20, 1919 INTENT TO MURDER CHARGE. David Alexander Perkin, a, sailor, appeared again at the City Police Court on a charge of having attempted to shoot James Bennett Cariton on July 20, with intent to commit murder. The charge arose out of the affray at the St. Kilda road Barracks, […]


ON THIS DAY – July 20, 1889 THE RINGWOOD MURDER The trial of Robert Landells for the murder of Peter Joseph Sherlock, at Ringwood, on July 20, was concluded, before Mr. Justice Hodges. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. The prisoner, in reply to the usual question, said he had nothing to say. Sentence […]

Prime Minister employed young sailors to caddy

Sir William McMahon the 19th Prime Minister of Australia employed young sailors in tight-fitting bell-bottom trousers to caddy for him at golf.