Origins of the All Blacks – New Zealand

Two origins have been suggested for the name of New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks. One theory is based on the fact that Maoris have been included in the team since the first overseas tour in the late 1880s. The other suggestion origin goes back to 1905 when an English journalist cabled that the […]

House of Shells

A man named Sydney Darnley of Sydney, Australia, built a scale model of the Sydney Town Hall using 74,000 seashells.  

First Prime Minister to Die

Sir George Reid the 4th Prime Minister of Australia was the first PM to be involved in a car accident, breaking his arm and bruising his pride. He was also the first Prime Minister to die.  

Murder of Willie Thompson

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ……….. 21st July 2003 Small time drug dealer Willie Thompson, 39, was killed on 21 July while sitting in his car after leaving a karate club in Chadstone. Police say the gunman strolled up to the car and shot Thompson dead before escaping with a second person in a stolen Ford […]

Ned Kelly Reenactment

After a failed attempt to derail a police train, and the shootout that followed, Ned Kelly was taken into custody at Glenrowan in June 1880. To capitalise on his capture, photographer William Burman staged a re-enactment within weeks, having replicated the notorious bushranger’s homemade suit of armour. The copyright laws at the time meant that […]

Tram Lands in Sydney Harbour

On this day …….. 21st of July 1952 On the morning of July 20, 1952, the wheels of a Mosman tram locked. Despite the best efforts of the driver, the tram skidded more than a kilometre and a half downhill – at an estimated speed of over 70km/h – until it crashed through the blocks […]

Golden Goose

While cutting up a goose, Roy Stewart from Warooka, South Australia, butcher found a gold nugget in the giblet bag. He brought dozens of others from the same source hoping to repeat the find but he never again found the goose that laid the golden egg………  


ON THIS DAY – July 21, 1943 On a charge of murdering a man who had every bone in his face broken, a soldier, Cecil John Freeman, was committed for trial in the Coroner’s Court. Freeman appeared in custody at the inquest on Ian Gordon Jeffrey, 25, who was injured in a disturbance on July […]

Filthy Conditions

On This Day ……. 21st of July 1923 An elderly woman Mrs Drew, who was found under filthy conditions in an outhouse in the Market Square several weeks earlier was placed under arrest by Constable Jackson and remanded to the Geelong Gaol Hospital, she died suddenly at 9pm on this day in 1923. The matter […]

Colour Movie Opens in Melbourne

On this day …….. 21st of July 1916 Eager anticipation could sum up the mood of the in the crowd at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne on this day in 1916, lured by the promise of colour movies. The process was called Kinemacolour. It concentrated it’s cameras on pomp and pageantry in exotic locations, the […]

Rat Catchers

Although residents on Lord Howe Island loved a happy life free of taxes and rates, the man of each household was committed by law to set a side a day a week to catch rats.