IT is not known the exact number of people the Victoria-born man killed, but he has admitted to at least 13 murders. Albury first came to police attention in 1983 when he used a broken bottle to mutilate an Aboriginal woman, Gloria Pindan, on Mitchell Street in Darwin. Drunk at the time, Albury had taken […]

The Gold in Bourke Street

On this day …….. 22nd of July 1851 Gold was found on this day in 1851, in the streets, Melbourne. Mr H. Firencham, while walking down Bourke St, picked up 4 different size quartz pebble, bearing gold. Firencham also claimed to find gold at Flag Staff and Benevolent Asylum hills. Mr Davis of Elizabeth street, […]

Two North American Red Indians Lost in Sydney

On this day …….. 22nd of July 1891 On this day in 1891, a bizarre scene on the streets of Sydney wandering in the streets of Kings Cross, looking quite out of place, even in an area noted for its variety of human eccentricity, were two North American Red Indian Chiefs, apparently lost, unable to […]

12 Seamen

On This Day ……. 22nd of July 1921 Representing the wages due to the 12 seamen who were sent to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1921, as a result of their refusal to obey the orders of the captain of the barque Archibald Russell, £931/10/ has been received by the Customs officials. The […]

Murder of a Murderer

ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1988 PENTRIDGE PRISON CONVICTED murderer Alex Tsakmakis’s brutal killing earned very little sympathy among his fellow inmates.  Before we was clobbered to death behind bars, he too had carried out a prison killing. Before coming to police attention, Alex Tsakmakis appeared to be a company director and Ivanhoe family […]

Prime Minister almost killed four times during the war

Sir John Gorton the 20th Prime Minister of Australia survived three flying accidents and ship being torpedoed during the Second World War. Gorton was also the only PM to voted himself out of office.

Gerry Gee Puppet Human Stand In

John Field was born in 1949 and grew up at 48 Belgrave Road, East Malvern next door to Denzil Howsons Assistant Programme Manager at GTV9 (Tarax Show). At the age of 9 years old (1959) and in Grade 4, John Field started working as a human stand in for Gerry Gee in a new TV […]

Yea Murder Case

ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1922   The second trial was concluded of Reuben Fox, aged 26 years, who was charged with the murder of Mrs Josephine McLaughlin on July 22. Mrs McLaughlin was murdered returning from a ball In the Yea Shire Hall. The body was then placed in the river. After a […]

Gerry Gee’s Latex Mask

The latex mask worn by John Field as Gerry Gee’s stand in now in the collection at Museum Victoria, Carlton. The mask was fashioned to resemble Gerry with a narrow slit to breath though and two eyes holes. “It was not a fun thing to wear, and would get hot and sweaty, hearing was difficult […]

Accused Murderer on Remand

ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1914 CHARGED WITH MURDER. Brunswick Court was crowded on July 22 when Frank White, 22, a wood machinist, appeared on remand on a charge of having inflicted grievous bodily harm upon Richard Wood, baker, of Audley street. East Brunswick, on Saturday night, July 11. The charge was altered to […]

Serial Killers and what to look for

International research has found a number of common characteristics among serial killers and their murders: • serial murder is predominantly committed by white/Caucasian males of moderate to high intelligence. • serial killers are usually aged in their mid-twenties with a mean age of 30, and the typical age range between 25 and 40 years. • […]

Gerry Gee – famous Australian TV Puppet

Gerry Gee, was a ventriloquist Doll who was brought to life in 1956 by Ron Blaskett, for GTV9’s (channel 9) first live test broadcast from Mt Dandenong, Melbourne Victoria. Gerry was imported from the US at a cost £200 and was named after the station. Ron, wife Merle Blaskett also a ventriloquist and Gerry are […]