Australia Serial killers

List of Australia Serial Killers and the number of victims. Dennis Bruce Allen – Vic (13) Andy Albury – NT (13) John Bunting, Robert Joe Wagner – SA (12) Clifford Cecil Bartholomew – SA (10) Eric Edgar Cooke – WA (8) Alexander Pearce – Tas (7) Ivan Milat – NSW (7) Leonard Fraser – Qld […]


Ararat Lunatic Asylum Jane Ford was committed to Ararat Lunatic Asylum on the 5th of March 1873. Ford escaped and was arrested near Talbot on the 23rd of July 1876. The escapee was a woman by the named Jane Fordo, who for the last three years had been living in the asylum at Ararat. On […]

Australian mass killing

List of Australian mass killings in order of victims 1850 – Gippsland massacres – VIC (1000) 1916 – Mowla Bluff massacre – WA (400) 1834 – Convincing Ground massacre – Vic (200) 1928 – Coniston massacre – NT (170) 1868 – Flying Foam massacre – WA (150) 1878 – Palmer massacre – QLD (150) 1628 […]

Victoria’s Biggest Gaol Break

On This Day ……. 23rd of July 1945 In one of Victoria’s biggest gaol break, 22 men escaped from the old Geelong gaol on this day in 1945. Tired and hungry, four of the men, including the ringleader, were captured at Werribee on the 24th. The escape, which had been well planned, occurred at 12.30pm […]

Six Mass Murders – New Zealand

Six mass murders, with a total of 43 victims, occurred between 1990 and 1997. David Gray Thirteen people were killed in Aramoana in 1990 by 33-year-old David Gray, including police constable Stewart Guthrie. During a siege the next day, Gray was shot dead by police. Brian Schlaepfer In 1992 in Paerātā, south of Auckland, 64-year-old […]

Oswald Q Ostrich – Ossie Ostrich

Ossie Ostrich is an Australian television character, firstly on the Tarax Show, and then on the long-running program Hey Hey It’s Saturday which started as a Saturday morning cartoon show for children in 1971. In 1984, he also hosted an after-school children’s show called The Ossie Ostrich Video Show, with co-host Jacki MacDonald. In October […]

Electricity Switched on in Rutherglen

On this day …….. 23rd of July 1913 Rutherglen switched to electricity on this day in 1913. Before that, electric lighting had been confined to the mines around the town, and Rutherglen’s were illuminated by kerosene lamps. With new generated equipment in place, and Mrs Henrietta Gollings, on hand to officiate at the ceremony, Rutherglen […]

Plucka Duck – He’s not a chicken or a cow

Plucka Duck is a character on the popular Australian television program Hey Hey It’s Saturday. The character “presented” a segment on the show, along with Daryl Somers, which was a self-titled segment of Plucka Duck. Plucka was on the show until the show ended in 1999. In 2009, Plucka returned to the show when it […]

Husband on Trial for Wife Murder

On This Day – July 23, 1950 Allegations that Raymond Murray Baillie, 43, military pensioner, killed his wife and wounded his two sons with a rifle on July 23 last were made in the Criminal Court yesterday. Baillie, of Nicholson-street, North Fitzroy, pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife, Laurel, Frances Baillie. Outlining […]

Booked for parking in a clearway

After rescuing an old man from a house fire and returning into the flames to lead others to safety, a Melbourne motorist found he had been booked for parking in a clearway.  

Didn’t Want a Fancy Prime Minister Burial

Sir John McEwen the 18th Prime Minister of Australia at the age of 16, worked at a Crown Solicitor’s office under Frederick Whitlam, father of future PM Gough Whitlam. At the age of 67 years McEwen was the oldest ever incoming Prime Minister. Due to only being Prime Minister for two months McEwen, after his […]