Hanged for Murder

ON THIS DAY – JULY 25, 1916 Antoine Picone the Italian who shot and killed Joseph Luricella, a compatriot, in Queen Victoria Market on July 25, was hanged in Melbourne Gaol. Picone had been attended until the last minute by Father J. Donovan, and when led on to the scaffold carried his hand a small […]

6000 Camels Takes Over Town

In November 2009 it was reported that up to 6000 feral camels in search of water had invaded Docker River, a small Aboriginal community of about 350 people located about 500km southwest of Alice Springs. Local residents had been afraid to leave their homes for some time. The camels have torn up the main waterpipes […]

‘Yowie’ of Southeast Queensland

On this day …….. 25th of July 1851 From the mid 1800s, writings about strange ape-like creatures in Australia abounded. One of these was a diary entry from the Connondale region of southeast Queendland, written on the 25th of July 1851, which stated: “They are short, stout and of very muscular appearance. They are covered […]


ON THIS DAY – July 25, 1942 Following exhaustive inquiries, detectives arrested and charged Frederick Francis Green, 32, timber worker of Lygon Street, Carlton, with the murder of Mrs. Catherine, Whitley, 65, in a lane off Elizabeth Street, city, on July 25. Mrs. Whitley was discovered unconscious in the lane on July 25 and died […]

Cockatoo Attacks Killer

Kevin Butler lived in the US with his Aussie cockatoo Bird as a pet. Kevin was found dead one day in 2002 with multiple stabwounds and Bird was found dead in the kitchen with a fork in his back and a leg cut off. Police later charged Daniel Torres with the murder, having found his […]

Giant Eel eats a Jack Russel dog

Several people have reported seeing a giant eel in the Yarra river near Warburton, Victoria. He is reported to have taken a Jack Russel dog, a goose that someone was feeding at the time, and a fisherman was dragged into the water in April 2005 by something huge and unknown, most like the giant eel. […]

Friends with famous painter

Joseph Cook the 6th Prime Minister of Australia was largely a self-educated man after leaving school at the age of 9 as a miner. Australian artist Tom Roberts, who recorded Cook on canvas many times, noted that Cook was 5 ft 9 ins (175 cm) in height, weighed 12 stone (76 kg) and his hat […]

Convict Transferred

On This Day ……. 25th of July 1910 Three prisoners will be transferred from tho Geelong gaol to Pentridge on this day in 1910. Two of them are for discharge, and the other, a man, who was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment for shooting, at Constable Salisbury at Portarlington some years ago, is […]

Australian Serial Killers

Australian Serial Killers have an interesting history, from convicts to modern day.  Australia first recorded serial killer was Alexander Pearce in 1822 in Tasmania.  All state and territory’s but the ACT have experienced serial killers.  This graph show which states of Australia have had the most serial killers.

Cost of Abortions

In the 1880-90s in Melbourne, in just one morning, a busy abortionist could earn the equivalent of several years of a domestic servant’s wage.  

Execution of McAllister

EXECUTED THIS DAY – July 25, 1855 James McAllister, convicted at the last Criminal Sessions of the murder of Jane Jones, a woman with whom he formerly cohabitated, was executed at the Melbourne Gaol. About 500 persons were present outside the gaol to witness the execution. McAllister was transported out to Van Diemans Land in […]

Escape Female Lunatic

Ellen Harper was transferred from Yarra Bend on the 15th of November 1867. On the 25th of July 1869, Harper escaped from Mayday Hills Lunatic in Beechworth and was recaptured on the 6th of August. Harper was released on bond the following day.