Hoddle St mass murder Julian Knight abuse compensation

HODDLE St killer Julian Knight is in line for a government payout for alleged abuse while serving as an Army cadet.

Knight, who infamously killed seven and wounded 19 people on this day in 1987 shooting rampage, wants the Department of Defence to pay him compensation for alleged abuse while a cadet. His bid was rejected by the Defence Department Abuse Tribunal in 2015 but the Federal Court the decision was now being reconsidered following an appeal by Knight. Emily Nans, for the Commonwealth, said the department would reconsider its policy of not paying compensation to prisoners or parolees. Ms Nans told the court that a decision would be made in the coming weeks. The decision could have wider implications and open the floodgates for other prisoners and parolees who were abused while in military service. Knight, flanked by two prison officers, appeared in person for the five-minute hearing. Apologising to Justice Mordy Bromberg for his dishevelled appearance, including prison-issue green tracksuit and runners, he said he had spent 90 minutes in shackles in the back of a prison van before court. He also explained he had spent the last seven months in solitary confinement at Geelong’s Barwon Prison. Knight, a vexatious litigant, did not object to an application to adjourn the hearing so the prisoner compensation policy could be reconsidered.
Knight claims he was assaulted at Duntroon while a cadet in 1987, and has blamed his killing spree on the alleged abuse.

Shannon Deery