Sunbury Asylum Escapee – Bairnsdale Police Court

On this day …….. 9th of August 1916

A man named Llewellyn Williams was presented at the Bairnsdale Police Court on the 9th of August 1916, on a charge of stealing an overcoat belonging to Mr T. Mathieson, of Service street. During the previous afternoon Mr Mathieson left an overcoat in his motor launch, which was moored in the river near Jackson’s tannery. On returning some hours later he found that the coat had disappeared, and subsequently he saw the accused in the Main street, wearing the garment. The police were informed and Searching Williams arrested accused on a charge of theft. Sub-Inspector Ahern prosecuted. Accused made a disjointed statement, but the bench considered the accused of the offence Sub Inspector Ahern then stated that Williams was really an escaped lunatic, having disappeared from the Sunbury Asylum in January 1915. The bench ordered that the accused be remanded to the Sale gaol for seven days for medical observation, before being transferred back to the Sunbury Asylum. This man is identical with the person who had been acting strange manner in the vicinity Mitchell river.