The EK marked gun – Ned Kelly

The remains of an 1866 vintage Winchester rifle found in a mine shaft at Beechworth Vic. during the 1940’s comes to light. private collection Perhaps historically important, but more likely a curio, the remains of a gun block and barrel together with three other antique guns were discovered in a mine shaft back in the 1940’s. The private collector kept the find with his gun collection. It is shown here for the first time and I invite comment. What do you make of it. Have you heard of others. Again there are vexing questions, who would so clumsily stamp EK upside down in such an obvious prominent place. It is marked with a chisel tool and looks very authentic. The gun looks like it has been cannibalized for spare parts. It is a Winchester 1866 model .44in (11.2 mm) issued during the US civil war army. Was this EK gun,- part of the Kelly sympathiser armament at the time of the uprisings that failed, and ended up a liability to the owner? Having been found in Beechworth Victoria gives it pedigree. It is known that many guns were marked by rebellious glorifiers of the Kelly legend as far back as the 1890’s. I like to think it is a genuine relic.