Senior-constable Davidson

On This Day ……. 13th of August 1880 Senior-constable Davidson arrested a youth, about 18 years of age, on this day in 1880, and charged with committing a capital offence upon an elderly woman named Wright, residing at the Springs, near Queenscliff. He was remanded to Geelong gaol.  

Double Tragedy

ON THIS DAY…… 13th August 1941 A double tragedy as a sequel to the breaking of an engagement occurred at Northcote today. The victims were Lorna Watson, aged 19 years, adopted daughter of Miss Amelia Watson, of Northcote, and Clement Neagle, aged 21 years, a tannery worker, who boarded at Miss Watson’s home. Following a […]

Williamstown Murder

On This Day – 13th of August 1907 Charlotte Kenny, a young married woman, was charged with having murdered her infant child, Jeremiah Kenny, by the administration of poison. The case for the prosecution was that the accused lived in Swanston street, North Williamstown, with her husband. On June 20 she administered a dose of lysol […]

Escaped Lunatic – William Harrison

On this day …….. 13th of August 1907 People living in the vicinity of the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, Melbourne are getting a bit scared owing to the frequent escapes from the Lunatic Asylum.’ The second escape from the asylum within three weeks was reported to the police. The escaped patient was William Harrison, 35 […]

100 year old vagrant

On this day …….. 13th of August 1889 An old vagrant, named Elizabeth Young, from Port Arthur, Tasmania, had once claimed, as a resident, was again sent up for twelve months at the City Police Court on this day in 1889. She has been before the Court at intervals for the past twenty years. Elizabeth […]

Insane Mother

On This Day – August 13, 1905 At the police court, Mary Ellen Cuthbert, a young unmarried woman, was charged with having murdered a female infant. The child was found dead in an oilcloth bag, on the banks of the Campaspe, on the 13th August 1905. Accused was housed at the Melbourne Gaol. A certificate […]