Clifton Hill Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1944 CLIFTON HILL John Turnbull, 28, soldier, who was appearing before Justice Martin on a charge of murder, told the court on this day in 1944, that, when he struck Ernest Price, 32, with, an axe, he was acting in self defence.  It was alleged that Turnbull had killed Price […]

Australia’s First Two Midwifery Patients

On this day …….. 19th of August 1856 On this day in 1856, the first two midwifery patients were admitted to Australia’s first public women’s hospital, in Melbourne.  

Suicide of Convict John Hassett

On This Day ……. 19th of August 1898 A magisterial inquiry was held at the Geelong Gaol, by Mr. P. Smyth, J.P., into the circumstances surrounding the suicide of a prisoner named John Hassett on the 6th of December 1901. Evidence was given by Mr. Charles Patterson, governor of the gaol, that the man John […]

TWIST CREEK – Yackandandah

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1865 Selina Baxter was murdered by William Nicholls, a man she was living with yet had recently separated from, in the small mining town of Twist’s Creek. During an alcohol fuelled argument which was witnessed by another woman, Selina was hit over the head with a shovel so violently that […]

Finney’s Hill Silver Mine at Indooroopilly – Brisbane

On this day …….. 19th of August 1924 William Ambrose was working on the night shift at Finney’s Hill Silver Mine at Indooroopilly, Brisbane, on 19th of August 1924, 60 metres below ground. His job was to push load trucks to the mines main shaft where a cage was waiting to convey the load to […]

ROWDY FLAT – Yackandandah

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1865 Patrick Sheehan was found guilty of the wilful murder of James Kennedy, publican of the National Hotel at Rowdy Flat. Sheehan, who was in the bar quite drunk, was turned out of the hotel by Kennedy. Sheehan then went round to the kitchen and got a knife before trying […]