New Holland

On this day …….. 22nd of August 1770 James Cook takes possession of the eastern coast of “New Holland”. Captain James Cook was not the first to discover Australia, as he was preceded by numerous Portuguese and Dutch explorers. However, he was the first to sight and map the eastern coastline. Cook’s ship, the ‘Endeavour’, […]

Remand for Drunkenness

On This Day ……. 22nd of August 1885 Charles Cleveland, was on remand for drunkenness. He was arrested on the 3rd of August at Queensclift and not having recovered next day, was remanded to the Geelong gaol for a week on this day in 1885.  

Jealousy the Cause

On This Day – August 22, 1941 How she had seen her daughter shot down in the kitchen of her home at Northcote on August 22 by a young man armed with a pea rifle, after the girl had broken off her engagement with him and refused a reconciliation, was described by a woman at an […]

Port Fairy Death

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd August 1942 When two men became involved in an argument at the Glaxo laboratory, Port Fairy, on this day in 1942, William Moutray, 50, canmaker, of Port Fairy, was struck. As he fell he hit his head on some machinery. He died later at Port Fairy Hospital. Police arrested his fellow employee, […]