Jealousy the Cause

On This Day – August 22, 1941

How she had seen her daughter shot down in the kitchen of her home at Northcote on August 22 by a young man armed with a pea rifle, after the girl had broken off her engagement with him and refused a reconciliation, was described by a woman at an inquest yesterday on Lorna McLaren, known as Lorna Watson, 19 years, Mitchell-street, Northcote, machinist, and Clement Matthew Nagle, 22 years, Mitchell-street, Northcote, leather dresser.

The Coroner (Mr. Tingate, P.M.) found that the girl died from effects of a bullet wound wilfully and maliciously inflicted by Nagle, who himself died from a bullet wound wilfully self-inflicted. Mrs. Amelia Watson, Mitchell-street, Northcote, said that Nagle was very jealous of the girl; even when she went messages he would want to go with her. Lorna had told her that when they were going home one night he had hit her on the face. Witness believed that their engagement had been broken off prior to August 12, when Nagle had asked Lorna to make it up with him. She refused, and he said: — “If I can’t have you myself, I’ll do you in, so that no one else can.” Lorna replied, according to evidence: — “I won’t come back to you because you belt me now. What would it be like when I married you ?” He then threw a glass of beer over witness and the girl. Next morning she heard them arguing. They had breakfast together, and Nagle asked her again to make it up. The1 girl replied, “No. I am going my own way.” Nagle went to his room, and, as the girl was standing at the table preparing her lunch, she said, “Oh, Mummy.” Mrs. Watson looked up and saw Nagle standing with a rifle. There was a shot and Loraa fell. Nagle went into his room, and she heard another shot, and he fell.

Police evidence was given that both Nagle and the girl were dead when they reached hospital.