Collingwood Stockade Escape – FIVE POUNDS REWARD

On this day …….. 24th of August 1853 This reward is offered in Government Gazette for the apprehension of a prisoner who affected his escape from Collingwood Stockade on the evening of the 24th August – Description of prisoner – Name, James Lane; age, 35 years ; height, 5 feet 3 inches complexion, sallow; hair, […]


On this day …….. 24th of August 1846 A young man, named M’Donald, found, on this day in 1846, a bottle on the beach, at Western Port, Victoria, in which was enclosed a slip of paper containing the latitude and longitude of the convict ship, George the Third, on her voyage to Van Diemen’s Land. […]

Shark Attack

On this day …….. 24th of August 2005 On the 24th of August 2005, 23-year-old marine biologist Jarrod Stehbens was killed while scuba diving on the Glenelg tyre reef, South Australia. He was collecting cuttlefish eggs for research and was not wearing a Shark Shield. The shark was approximately 5 metres long. Jarrod’s father said […]


On this day …….. 24th of August 1945 A daughter was born to the wife of Doctor K. Cheng, second Secretary to the Legation of China in Australia, on this day in 1945. The girl is the first Chinese child to be born in Canberra. Although born in Australia she will have Chinese nationality because […]

Setford Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 24th August 1894 James Setford was placed in the dock at the Criminal Sessions charged with the murder of his own child at Richmond on the 24th August. He wept bitterly, and was unable to plead. The Government medical experts stated that Setford was insane, and he was therefore remanded during the […]

Girls Appeal

ON THIS DAY ……… 24th August 1940 A girl who caused a sensation in Melbourne Court by shouting ‘Good-bye Sweetheart!’ when boyfriend Frederick James Anderson was committed for trial on a charge of murder, was freed of a sentence imposed upon her on a vagrancy charge. She appealed against the sentence of one month, and […]

Drowning Clue to Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 24th August 1942 Detectives hope to be able to say whether a man found drowned in the Yarra on Friday¬†was associated with the murder of Mrs. Catherine Whitley aged 65, in a lane behind a hotel at the northern end of Elizabeth Street, City, near Gratten Street, Carlton. By his finger prints, […]


On this day …….. 24th of August 1905 Charles Densley, the oldest resident of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, died on this day in 1905, aged 103. Densley was born in 1802.  

Squizzy Taylor’s mate escaped from Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 24th of August 1923 On the 24th of August 1923, Angus Murray, who is serving a sentence of 15 years for robbery under arms, made his escape, by means of a small saw, he removed the stones at the base of his window. The bars were then loosened, leaving¬†him sufficient room […]