Death of Female Convict – Geelong gaol

On This Day ……. 26th of August 1880 On this day in 1880, a magisterial enquiry was held into the death of a woman named Mary Wilson was held at tho gaol by Mr Heron, P.M. The governor of the gaol, Mr Dwyer, stated that the deceased was admitted on the 7th April under a […]

Father Shoots Daughters Abductor

ON THIS DAY…… 26th August 1956 A 15-YEAR-OLD, dark-eyed Italian girl told the Criminal Court that a man who was shot, dead at her home on this day in 1956, had forced his attentions on her. She said the man Vincenzo Impiombato 32, of Lygon st., Carlton forced her to accompany him to Brisbane. The […]

Doctor Arrested

On This Day – August 26, 1936 Murder Charge in Sale Following the death of Mrs.W. W. Armstrong at the Gippsland Base Hospital on August 26, Dr. G. A. Haganaeur, of Sale visited Dr. Arthur Lanphier’s surgery at Rosedale and found Dr. Lanphier in a state of collapse. Police look possession of a note addressed to the coroner, […]

Sea foam cover houses

On this day …….. 26th of August 2007 On this day in 2007 storms off the New South Wales Coast pushed four metre waves of sea foam onto Yamba beach, covering it completely and half the nearby buildings. The foam was formed from salts, minerals and decomposed material churned by powerful storms to form bubbles. […]

STRANGE discovery

On this day …….. 26th of August 1905 A STRANGE discovery was made on this day in 1905 by Mr. G. Williams, who it working up the bed of the Lerderderg river, finding, at a considerable distance below the surface, the skeleton of a horse. In the early days of Blackwood this was the crossing […]