Flying horse and cart

On this day …….. 29th of August 1885 While out for a drive in a horse and cart, a man and woman survived an extraordinary accident on this day in 1885. As they were nearing the western gates of Governor’s Domain at Parramatta, New South Wales, when a dog ran out and bit their horse. […]

Attempted Double Murder and Suicide

On This Day – August 29, 1880 An attempted double murder and suicide occurred at Echuca East on August 29 amongst the residents of the Chinese quarter, which created some sensation. The cause of the affair was a woman. A Chinaman named Georgo Cooey Foo, a well-known dangerous character, who has already served a sentence in Delinquin gaol […]

Death of Richard Bailey – Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 29th of August 1882 A magisterial enquiry was hold at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1882, by Mr Heron, P.M., on the body of a prisoner named Richard Bailey, aged 51 years, who died in the gaol hospital. Mr P. Dwyer, governor of the gaol, gave evidence that the […]

Death at the Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 29th of August 1882 A magisterial inquiry was held at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1882 on the body of a prisoner 51 years of age, who was received from Melbourne on the 9th February last under sentence of 12 months’ for vagrancy. Burley died at 1pm. The police […]

Prime Minister for a month – Arthur Fadden

On this day …….. 29th of August 1941 Arthur Fadden, the second of five men who served as Australian Prime Minister during World War II, is sworn into office. At the time that World War II began, Australia’s Prime Minister was Robert Menzies. It was Menzies who made the announcement in September 1939 that Australia […]

Self Supporting Gaols

On This Day ……. 28th of August 1882 It was stated in Parliament on this day in 1882, that all Victorian Gaols should be made as far as possible self-supporting, except of course in the case of an institution like the Geelong Gaol, which is used as an invalid prison, to which are sent old […]

Execution of James Quinn

ON THIS DAY…… 28th August 1871 A most deliberate and cruel murder of a Chinaman was committed on the Beechworth- Myrtleford Road. Two Chinamen in a cart named Ah Woo and Ah Cow, were stopped by James Quinn who offered them a shilling for a ride, which they agreed. Not 30 yards down the track […]

Sale of Wife NSW

On this day …….. 28th of August 1811 On this day in 1811 Ralph Malkins led his wife into the streets of Windsors, New South Wales with a halter around her neck. He sold her to the highest bidder, a man named Thomas Quires, who paid £16 and a few metres of cloth. The woman […]

New Govenor – Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 28th of August 1873 Mr. Gibson, late governor of the Geelong gaol, was transferred to the Pentridge Stockade, and is at present per- forming the duties of senior warder. Mr. William Stack, who has held the post for the last 14 years, has boon transferred to Geelong, and will have charge […]

The Windsor Shooting

On This Day – August 28, 1933 A GRAPHIC story of events associated with the fatal shooting of Betty Martin, 33, of Wrexham Road, Windsor; the wounding of her husband, Henry Martin, traveller; and the suicide of Isaac John Cohen Jedwab, 57, manufacturer. of Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, was told at the inquest at the Morgue […]

Prime Minister Robert Menzies resign

On this day …….. 28th of August 1941 Robert Gordon Menzies was born in the Victorian town of Jeparit on 20 December 1894. In 1928 he entered politics after being elected to Victoria’s Legislative Council for East Yarra. After six years in Victorian state politics as Attorney-General and Minister for Railways (1928–34), he was elected […]

Reopening the Pyjama Girl Case

ON THIS DAY…… 27th August 1934   In 1944, ten years after the body had been discovered, the forensic evidence was re-examined and the dental analysis of the victim was matched to Linda Agostini. Tony Agostini had recently returned to Sydney after being held in internment camps at Orange, Hay and Loveday from 1940 to […]