Stolen Bus Blacks Out 11 Towns

On This Day – September 2, 1954 A stolen, 23-passenger bus ploughed into a 22,000-volt power line in the outer suburb of Bundoora at 9.30 p.m. today, blacking out three mental hospitals and plunging 11 towns over 400 square miles into darkness. The driver narrowly escaped electrocution as power lines fell around the bus after it had capsized.  The impact was so great that the […]

Soldier’s Attempted Murder

On This Day- September 2,1942 ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGE An extraordinary story was told to Essendon court yesterday, when a soldier, Robert Joseph Saxon was committed for trial on a charge of attempted murder. Police evidence was given that at 2 p.m. on September 2, a man walked into a police station and said to First-Constable […]

Death of Donald McDonald

ON THIS DAY…… 2nd September 1890 The inquest touching the death of Donald M’Donald was resumed, Mr.W.W.Greene, P.M. Dr. Quick appeared for the Crown, the prisoner Rowe being unrepresented. Although a mass of evidence was elicited during the enquiry, no point of importance transpired. The man John M’Donald, a former partner of the deceased, was […]

Japan signs an unconditional surrender, officially ending WWII

On this day …….. 2nd September 1945 Japan, a major antagonist in WWII, had suffered catastrophic losses following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and conventional attacks upon other major cities, such as the firebombing of Tokyo. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria debilitated the only significant forces the Japanese still had left. The USA had […]

Grass covered sheep

On this day …….. 2nd September 1904 Grass seeds blown by the wind onto the back of a sheep at Booroolong near Armidale, New South Wales stuck in the animals fleece and germinated sprouting grass 5cm high.