Murder of Baby

On This Day – October 5, 1908 A magisterial inquiry was held on Saturday morning before Mr. James Long, J.P. (acting coroner), concerning the death of the male infant whose body was found partly buried under a hedge in Blair-street on October 5. The medical testimony showed that the child had breathed and that the […]

Schoolboy Accident

ON THIS DAY – October 5, 1944 On October 5th, 1944, two boys, John Graham and Geoffrey Clay, aged 8 and 9 respectively walked to Clay’s home for lunch from school. In Clay’s bedroom, the two boys were looking through a penny dreadful¬Ě magazine. The boys decided to try and emulate the front cover, which […]

Wood chopping champion cut leg off

On this day …….. 5th of October 1923 During a wood chopping contest at Valla, New South Wales, on this day in 1923, Stanley Appleby accidentally cut off his leg. He chopped through on side of a 30cm block, and jumped round to deliver a stroke, he slipped and the axe struck his leg between […]

Ladies hair on fire

On this day …….. 5th of October 1946 While walking though Martin Place in Sydney, on this day in 1946, Ann Anderson thought that a bee had got caught in her hair when she heard a buzzing sound from the top of her head. It was only when a bystander pointed out smoke coming from […]

Female convict escaped

ON THIS DAY…… 5th October 1900 A remarkable escape happened in the female excise yard of the Geelong gaol on the 5th of October 1900. An old feeble inmate, who was on charges of stealing line from hotels made a daring escape. She was removed to the exercise yard along with several other inmates. On […]