Walsh Street Shooting

ON THIS DAY ………… 12th October 1988

On the 12th of October, 13 hours after Graeme Jensen’s death, at 4:39am, Constables Tynan and Eyre were operating a divisional van from Prahran police station when called to an abandoned Holden Commodore left in Walsh Street, South Yarra. While the officers were examining the vehicle, they were ambushed by armed offenders. Constable Tynan was cut down with a shotgun while sitting in the car, and Constable Eyre was seriously wounded. Constable Eyre, despite suffering serious injuries, is thought to have struggled with the attacker until another person approached him from behind, managed to remove Eyre’s service revolver from its holster and shoot him in the head with it. Police believed members of a Melbourne armed robbery gang had organized the murders. In the period up to April 1989 there had been an unusually high number of fatal shootings of suspects by police. The killings of the two police officers was thought by many to have been a payback by members of the Melbourne underworld.